Jennifer Lawrence stalker

Jennifer Lawrence Stalker Charged, Wanted To ‘Protect’ Her

A man has been charged with stalking actress Jennifer Lawrence’s family in an attempt to get near the Hunger Games star so he could protect her. Doesn’t he know about her real-life bow skills?

Anyway, Yahoo! Canada reports that 23-year-old Vancouver native Zhao Han Cong was ordered to remain held on Friday until he could undergo a psychiatric examination. He was charged Monday with stalking and repeatedly placing harassing phone calls to Lawrence’s family members.

Cong’s target seemed to be the Oscar-winning actress’ brother Blaine Lawrence, whom he contacted by phone numerous times with calls and text messages. He called himself “Ted,” and left messages in the middle of the night.

Though Cong apparently used phones with California and Colorado area codes, officials eventually caught up to him and arrested him this week.

He had asked Blaine to put him in contact with JLaw so that he could “protect” her, and made threatening references to the Boston bombings, according to the FBI. He said that “bad things” would happen to the Lawrence family if he didn’t get in touch with JLaw.

Cong seemingly gave up, but two weeks later started sending Blaine emails with strange Biblical references, calling JLaw “his Mary,” in reference to the Biblical Mary. He also called himself her “husband for life.”

He also told Blaine that he “wouldn’t kill anyone for sure,” but said he was willing to scare people with real things happening in their lives, promising that “all hell’s going to break loose.”

Cong finally flew to Lousiville and continued contacting Blaine.

“Either I find out, or you come and see me, okay?” FBI officials quoted Cong as saying. “You got me really upset. When I’m, when I’m upset, let’s see what happens, alright?”

Though in Lousiville, Cong seemed to realize that he had no idea where the Lawrences live, so he actually went to a police station to ask. They interviewed him for several hours, during which he called himself the second coming of Jesus. He was turned over to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and arrested upon release.

Cong was arrested with $2,000 and a Bible, and entered a not guilty plea ahead of his trial. He was released on bond, but was told by the judge to make no contact with Lawrence or her family. “No letters, no emails, no voice messages, no texts, no flowers,” the judge said.

Prior to his “journey,” Cong had posted on Facebook about Jennifer Lawrence, writing:

“Well didn’t J-Law fall down and bow before God’s presence and highness this year at the Oscars. I am sure y’all seen the movie Silver Linings Playbook.There’s a silver linings in every cloud. Trust me.”

She tripped, dude!

In any case, while we can sympathize with wanting to marry Jennifer Lawrence, Mr. Cong probably came on a bit too strong. He might have it backwards, too. I think he’d need protection from her!

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