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Selena Gomez And Jaden Smith Grab Dinner In London

Selena Gomez and Jaden Smith

Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on the outs again? The 20-year-old Spring Breakers star was spotted in London grabbing a bite to eat with Jaden Smith on Thursday, but reps assure that the two are just friends.

Gomez and 14-year-old Smith were seen smiling as they grabbed dinner at Hakkasan restaurant, sparking some concern that the “Come Get It” singer was trying to make Bieber, Smith’s good friend, a little jealous.

The young actor, who shares the screen with dad Will in the upcoming sci-fi adventure After Earth, was in London promoting the film with his father, and was looking pretty slick in a long black coat as he escorted Gomez out.

Gomez was also dressed up in a long black coat and a sheer black dress. She appeared jovial despite having tweeted Wednesday that she was feeling a bit ill.

“Sorry to everyone for having to cancel today. I am not sure if I am sick or ate some bad food but, I feel horrible,” Gomez tweeted. “I am going to take the rest of the day and try and get better for tomorrow. So Sorry Love you guys.”

Even though Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber are very on-again, off-again lately, the dinner with Smith appeared completely platonic. Age difference aside, Us Weeklyreported in March that Smith is actually dating Kim Kardashian’s young sister Kylie Jenner, who is 15.

Gomez’s status with Biebs is now “on-again,” after the two broke up in January. They recently shard a kiss backstage at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19, which famously disgusted Gomez’s pal Taylor Swift.

The country singer was spotted sticking her tongue out when she saw Gomez go in for a kiss.

Are you a fan of Selena Gomez or Jaden Smith? You can check out a few pictures of their platonic dinner date here.

[Image via: Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock]

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31 Responses to “Selena Gomez And Jaden Smith Grab Dinner In London”

  1. Kiersten Spragg

    Okay let's look at this from someone on the outsides perspective. Selena went to dinner with Jaden. Are they kissing? No. Are they doing anything but smiling? No. So odds are that they just went out for fun, LIKE NORMAL TEENS.

  2. Irene Wang

    1. that's illegal
    2. why cant a friend take her"little brother" to dinner?

  3. Benjamin Danger Close

    I'm I the only one who finds it very uncomfortable how young Selena Gomez looks? She's 20, but looks 14, and keeps looking 14 year-after-year. What is her management doing to her? She's not allowed to outgrow her demographic, when does it get to the point of being weird? I look at her and think "a girl that's 20 should not look like she's in middle school" It doesn't fit.

  4. Chris Agrusa

    OMG! Selena was with Jaden! For peets sake people give us real stories! Is this all you got? How bout something like Selene slaps Beiber after dispute on dinner tab now that would be newsworthy!

  5. Daniel H Campbell

    21 year olds don't go to dinner with 14 year olds. When I was 21 the closest you would find me to a 14 year old was if I drove by the local High School on my way out somewhere. I'm not saying they are dating only that there is something definitely wrong with this girl. First Bieber is younger than her and at her age if she was normal she would be dating slightly older men in their mid 20's not a 17 year old.

  6. Andrew Luis Rubio

    well u saw her last boyfriend…. what do you expect.

  7. Kera Robinson

    I swear the media reaches too far to find something to talk about. To even be trying to form juicy gossip around a 20 yr old and a 14 yr old dating is sick in and of itself. Then trying to make it look like some kinda love triangle takes it even further. Get a life because this mess is absurd.

  8. Kera Robinson

    Bieber is 19 years old. Only 1 year younger than her……

  9. Jeffrey Haase

    She was prolly sick the next day because of the morning after pill.

  10. David Chowing Down

    Daniel, please define "NORMAL" since you are so "NORMAL". Idiot.

  11. Melina Brown

    but if it were a 20 year old man and a 14 year old female "non celebrity" would it be okay??

  12. Anonymous

    Nicholas Kerr she isn't 14, jaden smith is. She is like 21 or something

  13. Anonymous

    I think Taylor Swift is beginning to come across as having a chip on her shoulder! Please Taylor cut it out it really isn't all that cute! In other words be a grown up, a lady and worry about yourself!

  14. Dusten Carlson

    Between us girls Kera, part of the problem is that it's what people read and want to read. I've written a hundred articles this week about politics, world news, crime, some celebrity, some tech and the like, and I'm as disappointed as you that the one everyone wanted to read was "Selena Gomez and Jaden Smith Grab Dinner In London" 😉

  15. Anonymous

    Ain't this great she was part of the reason for the broke up between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka friendship , and I bet you nine times out of ten she gone be the reason Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith friendship end…this girl is a hoe….i never liked her since she first stared on Disney channel!
    #Beyonce, Ciara etc yall better hide your men's because they might be her next target…js.

  16. Cheryl Bachman

    Isn't a 14 year old a bit young for a 20 year old girl? I just think it sounds a little strange, especially since he is not 18 years of age yet. He's trying to look all that… please Their parents need to intervene….

  17. Robert Bodrato

    Well the Biebz and Smith are bestest friends and now they play switch-a-bitch…Nothing wrong with that I guess *).

  18. Anonymous

    Why is this news? Really Yahoo, trying to pin a 14 and 20 year old together? wow, that's a stretch even for here.

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