Jose Canseco: I Won't Hide From Rape Allegation

Jose Canseco: I Won’t Hide From Rape Allegation

Jose Canseco is opening up about the rape case against him, calling the accusations ridiculous and saying he doesn’t feel bad about publicly naming his accuser on Twitter.

Fresh off a stint as a player/coach for the Fort Worth Cats of the United Baseball League, Canseco opened up about the alleged rape, which is said to have taken place in Las Vegas last week.

“I don’t have to rape a woman. I think it’s ridiculous,” Canseco said. “It’s almost laughable for an individual to say I raped them and drugged them at the same time. People who know me know I’m a complete opposite. But my close friends, my ex-wives, my ex-girlfriends, will testify on my behalf. … Let’s wait for the truth. The truth will always come out.”

Canseco took his case to the world, tweeting the name and personal information about his alleged accuser.

A few days after the former MLB star first tweeted about what he believed was a false allegation of rape, Canseco said he would set up a polygraph test to prove his innocence. In tweets sent on Thursday morning, Canseco said he would take one for police and another for the media in a bid to prove his innocence.

He tweeted: “Ok setting up 2 polygraph exams about the sexual assault case one with the media and one with the police on the 5 of june.[name redacted] polygraph?”

The incident went public on Saturday when the former baseball star tweeted that a woman was falsely accusing him of rape. Using the woman’s full name and sharing a picture of her in a bikini, Canseco vehemently denied the allegation that he raped her.

Canseco tweeted: “Breaking news. This is a first folks. Las Vegas police was just at my house and I have been charged with rape by (a woman) from Las Vegas.”

In another tweet, Canseco said the woman was accusing him of drugging her. He would include her phone number and the location of her gym.

Canseco tweeted: “(She) told police that I drugged her and then raped her. Hmmmmm. Lets find out what really happened.”

The tweets led to an angry backlash. Atlantic Wire reporter Alexander Abad-Santos compared Canseco’s public shaming of his victim to the Steubenville rape case.

He wrote: “While Canseco might have violated the laws of human decency and broke new ground — in notoriety and absurdity — in taunting an alleged assault victim, he may have only broken a few of Twitter’s rules. Indeed, Twitter is as notoriously defensive of free speech as it is quick to suspend verified accounts with thousands of followers that, say, temporarily crash the stock market.”

Jose Canseco said he will fight the rape allegations, adding that he doesn’t regret the tweets.