Public Masturbator

Pacific Heights Masturbator Takes Performance To San Francisco For Onlookers

There’s many sights to see in San Francisco, but we’re betting the most popular this week isn’t the animals at the San Francisco zoo, but the public masturbator at a local bus stop.

On Wednesday morning a very excited and determined man simply known as the Pacific Heights Masturbator took his masturbation act on the road. To what we sure was the absolute delight of a local bus stop crowd, the excited man started to reveal himself and masturbate for a crowd gathered at a nearby bus stop.

This wasn’t an exclusive show just for one crowd. According to a report, before the man wound up near a bus stop, the 35-year-old unidentified man was chased off of the premises of Pacific Medical Center in the affluent area of Pacific Heights. Upon his performance the man was “asked to leave” and then the police were called in case they wanted to restrain him. However, the man had already moved on to his next location. Proving that he wouldn’t be deterred by being chased away from the hospital, the man then took to the nearby bus stop to continue.

According to a news report, when the man arrived at the bus stop he “continued masturbating in front of people waiting for the bus.” It is unknown whether or not the man received screams, scoffs of dismay or applause while he was performing the act at the bus stop, but we do know that he was arrested by the police who finally caught up to his act. The official charge is suspicion of indecent exposure. In addition he was arrested for a slew of outstanding warrants as well.

Hopefully the Pacific Heights Masturbator doesn’t have an opening act, or else Pacific Heights may never be the same.

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[Image credit: Gemenacom / Shutterstock]