Weis was fired after five seasons at the school.

Charlie Weis Buyout From Notre Dame Could Reach $19 Million By 2015

Charlie Weis hasn’t been the head coach at Notre Dame since 2009, but his buyout clause could reach upwards of $19 million over the next few years. So far, Notre Dame has already paid Weis millions ever since his firing in 2009, and the numbers look to be rising as he currently holds the clipboard for the Kansas Jayhawks.

According to federal tax documents that were provided to the Chicago Tribune, Weis has already received $10.8 million from Notre Dame and the full buyout could reach $18.9 million by December of 2015, when the final installment is paid by the school.

During his five-year span at Notre Dame, Weis led the Irish to back-to-back BCS bowl games, which they lost, in his first two seasons before missing out in 2007. They finished 7-6 the following year and went on to win the Hawaii Bowl, but he once again failed to lead the team past the regular season in 2009.

Weis was fired shortly after, though his time at Notre Dame helped rebuild a team that had fallen off in years past. Charlie Weis’ possible $19 million in buyout payments don’t reflect the Irish’s struggles on the field, though he did manage a 10-3 record in 2006 before being demolished in the Sugar Bowl by LSU.

His stay at Notre Dame was cut short considering he was expected to lead the team by to it’s former glory and remain the head coach for some time. After being fired, Weis was named the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL but he left after one season.

Weis left the Chiefs to take the same position at the University of Florida under head coach Will Muschamp, but once again he made the decision to leave after one year. The move to Kansas was highly criticized as the Florida Gators’ offense was no where near it’s potential under Weis.

Nevertheless, Weis took the head coaching postion at Kansas and he only won one game in 2012. He is now preparing for his second season with the Jayhawks after going 0-9 in the Big 12 Conference last year.

Does Charlie Weis’ $19 million buyout from Notre Dame look even worse now that he’s struggled to produce a winning formula at every stop since leaving the Fighting Irish?

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