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Woman Run Over Three Times By Her Own Car

A woman from Quebec, Canada, managed to run over herself three times with her own car in a bizarre accident.

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec police have confirmed that the newspaper delivery woman was working her regular shift and delivering her round of papers earlier this week when the incident occurred.

This saw her jumping in and out of her car, as she frequently dropped off editions of Le Nouvelliste on subscribers doorsteps.

However, her usual gentle work schedule soon turned into a nightmare when she parked her car outside a house. As she got out of the vehicle, her transmission ended up being in “reverse” instead of “park.”

She was then hit by the automobile’s open door as it moved backwards, and it also ran over one of her legs which in turn knocked her down to the ground.

The woman then pulled herself up from the floor and was able to catch up with her runaway car. She then leaned inside her car tried to shift the gears, which would have brought the car to a halt. However, as she felt her way around the car and fumbled to try and change the transmission she was struck by the frame of the vehicle. This knocked her down to the ground again and she was run over for a second time.

Not to be deterred, the woman then regained her composure and headed back to the car, but her third attempt only produced the same results.

As she lay on the ground in great distress, she then repeatedly cried out for help at 4 am. Residents of the area heard her wails and then rushed from their homes in order to help her, and she was able to limp home with their assistance.

The car, which continued to move around at an increasing speed, was finally stopped by Trois-Rivieres police. The woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for serious injuries to her leg.

[Image via supergenijalac/Shutterstock]