American Idol Fight

Fight Over ‘American Idol’ Finale Ends In Stabbing

A disagreement over who should have won American Idol ended with a stabbing.

Authorities explained that 48-year-old Karen Elaine Harrelson and 57-year-old Gregory Stambaugh were intoxicated when they started arguing about the singing competition.

According to The Associated Press, the couple had conflicting opinions about who should have won American Idol. Reports suggest that Harrelson and Stambaugh were arguing over Candice Glover or Kree Harrison when the disagreement took a very violent turn.

At some point during the heated exchange, one of the them grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the other. The York Dispatch reports that the stabbing victim then took the weapon and attacked the other. It’s currently unclear who initiated the attack.

When officers arrived on the scene, both Stambaugh and Harrelson were quick to point the finger of blame at each other. Apparently they couldn’t come to an agreement about who started the fight either.

Gregory claims Elaine went upstairs to the kitchen, found a knife, and returned to the basement. After stabbing him in the forearm, she left the room. He chased after her and a brief struggle for the weapon ensued.

However, Elaine says was in the kitchen when Gregory suddenly attacked her with another knife. When she was knocked onto the floor, Elaine said she stabbed Gregory in self defense.

Although their stories may differ, both parties were both arrested on two counts of simple assault and one count of aggravated assault. Harrelson and Stambaugh were both booked at the York County Prison. Authorities retrieved two knives and several bottles of alcohol from the home.

According to CBS 21, Elaine Harrelson’s bail was set at $30,000. Gregory Stambaugh, however, will have to find $70,000 for bail. It’s currently unknown if either party has legal representation.

What do you think about the couple who stabbed one another after arguing about the American Idol finale?

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