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San Francisco Giants Fan Catches Foul Ball Whilst Holding Baby [Video]

A San Francisco Giants fan managed to catch a foul ball whilst holding onto his baby at AT&T Park on Wednesday.

The San Francisco Giants were playing the Washington Nationals when the foul ball was hit into the stands towards the dotting father who was holding his baby in his left hand.

Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford clipped the ball from a 2-1 pitch off the Nationals pitcher Tyler Clippard during the ninth inning of the game, and as it floated into the air the man just nonchalantly lifted up his right hand and caught the ball without ever looking like he might drop his child.

His catch caused a huge cheer to erupt from the stands, and the incident was then replayed for the commentators to pass judgment on.

The lead commentator states, “How about that play? We’re talking great athletes, all right let’s watch it … [the father catches the ball] not a problem. That’s a player.”

The co-commentator then chimes in, “The little guy has no idea what is going on.” To which the other responds, “He has no idea how cool his Dad is.”

In the past some father’s have been less concerned about the safety of their offspring, and the website Deadspin in 2010 amassed a highlight reel of father’s picking a foul ball over the well-being of their child.

In August 2010, a man at a Houston Astros game moved out of the way of an incoming ball which went on to hit his girlfriend in the face. This incident lead to the demise of their relationship.

In September 2009 a Phillies fan caught a foul ball at a Phillies vs. Nationals game only to then hand it to his young daughter who threw it back onto the field.

What did you think of the San Francisco Giants fans catch? Do you think you would have been able to complete the catch?