Charles Ramsey claims that domestic violence arrests made him a better man

McDonald’s Rewards Charles Ramsey With Free Food For A Year

Charles Ramsey isn’t going to have to worry about food for awhile. The man responsible for rescuing three kidnap victims in Cleveland earlier this year has already been given “free burgers for life” from local restaurants and now McDonald’s has offered the local hero free food for the next year.

Ramsey became an internet star after he gave an amusing an emotional interview after the three women were brought to safety. Ramsey said that he was eating “his McDonald’s” when he heard a woman shouting from his neighbor’s house.

The clip went viral and McDonald’s issued a statement saying that they would “be in touch” with Ramsey in the next few weeks. Well, the restaurant has finally decided on a way to reward the man for his heroic deed.

Charles Ramsey will be able to eat whatever he wants at McDonald’s for the next year.

A McDonald’s spokesman told the LA Times: “We can confirm that the local owner-operators of the McDonald’s restaurants in Mr. Ramsey’s neighborhood have connected with him and offered complimentary McDonald’s food for the next year… We followed up directly and privately with Mr. Ramsey regarding recognition of his actions… Out of respect for the survivors of this harrowing ordeal and the ongoing investigation, we have not shared publicly details of our outreach.”

Shortly after the Cleveland kidnap victims were brought to safety Anderson Cooper asked Ramsey if he knew anything about the cash reward for information leading to the women’s rescue. Ramsey said that he didn’t want the reward and that they should give the money to the victims.

Ramsey may not want any cash reward but he’s probably happy to get some free burgers.