A fan caught a vendor using the bathroom with his snow cones on the floor.

Houston Astros Vendor Fired For Bringing Snow Cones Into Bathroom Stall [Video]

It probably wasn’t the best idea to buy a snow cone from a Houston Astros’ vendor, at least until now. The struggling Astros’ team isn’t the only part of the organization not getting the job done, as a friendly visitor at Minute Maid Park caught a vendor, with his pants down, on camera in a bathroom stall with the snow cones fans regularly purchase throughout a ballgame.

It’s not unusual for an employee to take a restroom break, but this man decided to take his work with him as he brought the rest of his snow cones into the stall and placed them on the floor. The stunned fan immediately reacted by pulling out his cell phone and snapping a quick video of the odd scene.

As the fan walked back and forth in disgust, another employee entered the restroom. After the employee acknowledged that he worked for the team, the fan gave it to him straight, informing the man that a vendor is “taking a s–t” with his “snow cone tray” on the floor.

He went on to make it known that he was getting the whole thing on tape just before the video cuts out.

” I need to speak to your supervisor, that’s real talk,” the man said before he stopped recording.

His plea against the disgusting scene by an Astros’ vendor quickly made its way to the front office, and newly appointed president Reid Ryan had one of the oddest situations he’ll ever encounter, and he hasn’t even been with the team for over a week.

Local 2, a Houston TV station, investigated the incident and even spoke with the new Astros’ president about the gross behavior of his vendor.

“”Well, right away, I just thought, ‘We gotta let this guy go. There is no doubt about it.’ That was my decision,” Reid Ryan told Local 2’s Bill Spencer.

The Astros’ vender was fired for his behavior, and here’s the video that will keep the unknown employee from selling snow cones anytime soon.

[Image via Brian Reading]