Two Students Bitten

Two Students Bitten By Fox At Georgia School

Two students were bitten by a fox at a Georgia elementary school on Wednesday.

Animal control officials were summoned to Rocky Plains Elementary School after the animal attack two 6-year-old boys who were outside during recess. A teacher reportedly kicked the fox in order to get it off the students. Around 50 children were also on the playground at the time.

According to The Associated Press, the students were initially treated by the school nurse. They were later transported to Newton County Medical Center by their parents.

Newton County Animal Control director Teri Key-Hooson believes the fox was sick at the time of the attack. Since they haven’t been able to locate the animal, the two students who were bitten by the fox will be treated for rabies as a precaution.

The Rockdale Citizen reports that the fox likely attacked the children without any sort of provocation. Key-Hooson urged people in the area to stay way from wild animals that may stray into the neighborhood.

“This time of year, wild animals are raising their young and you will see them on the periphery of the woods at any time of the day. If you see them coming away from their normal habitat and not startling if you open a door or make a noise, something is not right,” she explained.

Newton County School System public relations director Sherri Davis-Viniard said all outdoor activities were canceled as a result of the attack. She added that counselors at the school spoke to several of the little children who were frightened by the fox.

“Newton County School Resource Officer will be on scene to help with dismissal in the event the fox returns,” Davis-Viniard added. It’s currently unknown how the fox managed to find its way onto the playground.

What do you think about the two students who were bitten by a fox in Georgia? Have you ever had a close encounter with a wild animal?

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