Taylor Swift lookalike attacked by bullies

Taylor Swift Lookalike Allegedly Assaulted By Jealous Bullies [Video]

A British college student who is a Taylor Swift lookalike claims she was assaulted in school by bullies.

Xenna Kristian, 18, evidently started performing at private parties and charity events as the pop singer’s doppelganger after people apparently started coming up to her on the street and commenting about the resemblance.

But things allegedly got out of hand yesterday as a result of envious classmates. According to Xenna, “Some girls at college had started making nasty comments, but it escalated really quickly. The girl came up behind me and dragged me off my chair by my pony tail, then started kicking me in the face. It just came as a complete shock.”

Added Xenna: “Since I started being a lookalike people have been saying stuff. They must be jealous that I’m going off to do something with my life.”

She says some friends came to her aid and stopped the fight, although teachers didn’t do anything. The Taylor Swift lookalike has had to postpone some of her gigs while she heals, however.

Xenna Kristian, an aspiring actress and singer who recently signed with a talent agency, lives in Shropshire, England with her family who run a bed and breakfast.

Police are investigating although they declined to provide any details.

She supposedly even was on the receiving end of “menacing messages” telling her to stay away from Harry Styles of One Direction who briefly dated Taylor Swift.

In an interview prior to the assault, Xenna Kristian explained that she does a lot of Taylor Swift homework: “I’ve done my own versions of her songs at college, I did a slower version of ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ that everyone loved. But now I am starting work as a lookalike I am trying to perfect her accent and singing exactly how she does. I spend hours a day watching her music videos and performances and practice in the living room.”

Xenna continued: “My plan is to do some look-alike work and then hopefully it will kick-start my acting career. I want to be known as Xenna. I would love to get into TV work but like doing theater stuff too.”

Do you think there is a strong resemblance between Taylor Swift and Xenna Kristian?