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Paris Hilton Working On A House Music Album

Paris Hilton hasn’t been in the news in a while, has she? What has she been up to, anyway? Working on a new album.

Hilton has reportedly signed on with Cash Money Records and is currently working on a new album of house music. Supposedly, it will be release this summer.

The socialite broke the news to Showbiz411 at a party in Cannes, where she is supporting Sophia Coppola’s film The Bling Ring, a film about a group of young adults who robbed a Hilton hotel (part of the film was even filmed at Hilton’s home).

Anyway, the house music album will see Hilton alongside Drake and Nicki Minaj, with Dutch house producer Afrojack involved in some capacity (the two were once rumored to be dating, but he’s now with DJ Bambi).

“This is a lot different than my first album,” Paris said. “It’s really going to be house music.”

Hilton’s new album is a pretty late follow-up to her freshman effort. She first released Paris on Heiress records in 2006, an album, which made the top ten on the Billboard albums chart, but earned mixed reviews.

More recently, Hilton collaborated on a track with Lil Wayne and starred in a Rich Gang music video.

Interestingly, she even has a bit of experience with house music. Hilton has performed a few DJ gigs and is reportedly doing a residency in Ibiza this summer.

Though she has earned plenty of criticism from others in the music industry for her attempts at song writing and producing, Cash Money seems to think she has something with this new house music album.

What do you think? Should Paris Hilton give up on music and go back to … wait, what does she do again?

[Image via: Adam Ziaja / Shutterstock]