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Gospel Singer Sues McDonald’s Over Ruined Voice

Glass In McDonald's Chicken Sandwich

A gospel singer is suing McDonald’s after she swallowed a piece of glass found in a chicken sandwich.

Jacqueline Simpson said that she encountered the stray shard after ordering a meal from the fast food chain back in 2010. The singer claims that swallowing the glass had an adverse affect on her vocal chords. Since her singing voice has ultimately been destroyed, Simpsons decided to file a lawsuit against McDonald’s.

Business Insider reports that the change in the woman’s voice was almost immediate. The problem is so severe that she if often mistaken for a man during phone calls.

“Now when I sing, I have a hoarse, rattly voice. I still sing alto, but I can’t sing soprano like I used to,” Simpson explained to the New York Post.

She continued, “I have to make a lot of calls for work, and I have to tell people that I’m not a man. Before, that never happened.”

The singer, who is also a clerk with the Attorney General’s office, has decided to sue McDonald’s over the damage done to her vocal chords. Simpson filed the lawsuit in Brooklyn last week.

As The Consumerist points out, the popular fast food restaurant is certainly no stranger to the world of lawsuits. In early 2012, a prostitute in Nevada blamed a franchise owner for pushing her into her current profession.

The website explains that the franchisee gave the woman a job before they decided to start dating. She was later fired from her position at the restaurant for reasons the woman said were false. Although they later got married, she claimed he pushed her to become a prostitute.

The chain has yet to respond to Jacqueline Simpson’s lawsuit as of this writing.

What do you think about the gospel singer who sued McDonald’s after a piece of glass found in a chicken sandwich ruined her voice?

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116 Responses to “Gospel Singer Sues McDonald’s Over Ruined Voice”

  1. Bob Snyder

    There are times when we're doing what we want to do apart from God's will for our lives. Perhaps He decided it was time for Ms. Simpson to do something else?

  2. Memphis Rex

    Are there pictures or proof that said glass was in her food? It just so happens shes a "singer"? I too can go home, put glass on my food and make claims.

  3. Anonymous

    If she swallowed it how did she know it was glass? And did she do the investigation of her feces to find it. Danny smells a rat, and I smell something else here too. Yeck

  4. Anonymous

    Just another typical Obama 'Entitlement' person looking for EASY MONEY. She still has to prove she swallowed a shard of glass and that it came from food at McDonald's three years ago AND she filed within the Statue of Limitation (3 yr from date of injury) PURE BS LAW SUIT!

  5. Margaret Allen

    I would have said that maybe she didn't have a good singing voice all along, but, her speaking voice has been ruined also. She is within her legal right to sue McDonalds. Just because she's suing, doesn't mean she's going to get any money. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  6. Lisa Voss Hancock

    I had major surgery in '07, and it took a year and a half before I could hit notes that I was able to hit before the surgery. I didn't think of suing the doctors, but I did have to re learn how to sing. I know that might sound weird to people who know nothing about singing. Damage to your vocal cords does take time to heal, and sometimes it never heals. I don't know if she did or didn't have glass in her food, but if she did, I'm sure it did do damage. Don't be so quick to judge this situation. After 3 years, it is quite possible her vocal cords will never heal. If she has talked with a specialist and they have told her they won't heal, then she should go forward. I can't see her getting much out of the lawsuit if singing was not her main source of income though.

  7. Logan Porcelain

    I see a lot of people think this is a scam or she is pulling a leg. However I have found a wood chip once in my fries and cut my mouth open. So this does happen and they will have to beat out the insurance company and get them to pay the claim.

  8. LadyRuby Bacsil

    She waited 3 yrs later then she filed for lawsuit? CAN YOU SAY, SCAM?
    Too many desperate losers looking for a quick money scam. tsk tsk tsk… SHAMELESS

  9. Anonymous

    I don't believe it. Like Danny Meeks I smell a rat.

  10. Jenn Thomas

    if there was truly a piece of glass in her food, perhaps it came from the place that supplies the food to mcdonalds. I work at mcdonalds, and I know at ours, there is no glass near the food prep table.

  11. Tim Daniel

    Anyone that has never found anything foreign in their food, raise your hand so I can call you a liar.

  12. Tiaan Andre Westenberg

    It doesnt. Food and liquid goes down the esophagus which is a different route to the trachea, where the vocal chords are located. To get to it from the esophagus you would need to slice open several layers of thick muscle.

  13. Desiree Danielle

    It takes time to build a case, gather up evidence, select the right lawyer, funds to pay for the lawyer, negotiations, etc. People assume you just wake up the next day and file a report. It doesn't work that way. Same reason why court cases can go on for years.

  14. Desiree Danielle

    My friend found glass in her food before. Luckily she didn't swallow it. This can and does happen. She has every right to sue!

  15. Anonymous

    yeah GOD didnt like her singing so he put a piece of glass in her food maiming her for life. wow. glad your GOD is not my GOD.

  16. Ray Wheeler

    52 years old and singing Gospel, how much money was she making anyway? It really sounds like her career was over long before she swallowed glass. She could have possibly planted the glass in the chicken and found the deepest pockets, McDonalds, as the scapegoat.

  17. Allen Perleberg

    sounds like a gold digger to me could not make it as gospel singer and said lets try to get some of Mcdonald's.
    money people of god right people tryin to scam people out of money go get a 9 to 5 job.

  18. Anonymous

    How the He** do you know BOY? Go back to your trailer and smoke your meth.

  19. Anonymous

    She should have went to Burger King. They don't allow glass in their burgers.

  20. Anonymous

    Yeah, it's in your nasty trailer, welfare client.

  21. Mary Ann Ruvolo

    Not enough info in this article to render a judgement either way, but a ton of questions. For instance…did she not feel the glass in her mouth before she swallowed it? Ok, lets assume it was small. In any event how does glass get to the vocal chords? Not sure that's possible. On the flip side of the coin…she works at the attorney general's office. They must feel she has a case, if she mentioned it to them.

  22. Anonymous

    You sound foolish ole lady. Take your meds and rock in front of the TV.

  23. Joe Agnew

    I'm amazed at the new waves of people who will attempt such scams without forethought about the reams of data available about past incidents that help police and corporate attorneys immediately expose their perpetrators' lies and stupidity.

  24. David Allan Plyer Junior


    Gotta love hiding behind a yahoo account, right?

  25. Anonymous

    She's a file clerk, not a singer, no money involved, she sings for fun! She waited way too long to file this BS suit. Get a real job honey!

  26. Lauren Ukkerd

    Didn't she chew her food all the way before swallowing. Usually glass is hard and not very tasty. Didn't she feel something odd while chewing?

  27. Anonymous

    Unless her vocal chords are scarred, (from something other than singing abuse) she has no case.

  28. Anonymous

    Title of this article should be "Wanna-be singer who learned all about frivolous law suits working in Attorney General's office files her own get rich quick scheme."

  29. Dorothy Heiss

    If she really swallowed glass she has more than her voice to worry about. It is not digestible and can cut everything else on its way out.

  30. Anonymous

    The amount of damage required to change the voice this much is staggering.

    A razor-sharp shard capable of causing this kind of permanent and lasting damage would have also perforated her intestines if it was swallowed requiring a surgical removal. There should be significant medical records to back up her claim.

    Unless she was coughing up pools of blood immediately after biting into the sandwich this story reeks of fraud and old McNugget grease.

  31. Ronnie McGriff

    I think I'll sue McDonald's. When I ate a big mac I found a pickle in it and now I can't sing tenor in an opera. I also spilled McDonald's coffee on my hand and I can't play the piano.

  32. Anonymous

    I think I would know, as I'm chewing my food, if there was a piece of glass in it, before I swallowed it. Sounds like another scam. I hope she reads these comments on here.

  33. Anonymous

    It didn't affect her vocal chords unless the glass went down the wrong pipe…if it did there should be scarring as evidence on them (from something other than singing abuse).

  34. Anonymous

    what I want to know is why the chain has yet to respond to Jacqueline Simpson's lawsuit as of this writing.

  35. Glen Roberson

    lousy singer that couldn't sing needed some money I'm sure.

  36. Anonymous

    How did she find the glass? Then she swallowed it? It damaged her vocal cords but not her digestive system? 3 years to file?

    Lots of easy questions to an easy answer.

    Bogus claim – hoping Mickey D's will settle out of court.

  37. Karen Hensel Pagel

    It's been 2 years. Sounds like somebody looking for a payday.

  38. Elvis Colon

    So she found the glass then ate the sanwich? And if you eat glass how come she never called the cops on the spot or the ambulance? How the hell you wait 3 years?

  39. Robert Ringenberg

    How could she not feel it as she was chewing it? Does she not chew her food? If it was so small she couldn't feel it during chewing how could it have done so much damage? If it was big enough to cause so much damage to her throat how did it not damage her stomach, intestines, or anything else as she passed it? All logical questions that the defense would use to poke holes in her case, if it ever got to trial. But this woman knows, as most of us do, that it is actually cheaper for McDonald's to settle out of court and pay her than fight for what might be right. A broken legal system that will never be fixed because lawyers on both sides will make money, and the government is made up of lawyers.

  40. Karen Hensel Pagel

    it's takes years to find a lawyer that will take is bogus case Desiree.

  41. Kelly Martin Croft

    What kind of a Christian sues other people (or corporations)? Money-hungry, greedy, and selfish.

  42. Tamara Campbell

    …"the singer, who also works for the Attorney General's office…" Well, that gives us all a good indication as to how well her singing"career" was going. Just for the record, when referring to the vocal mechanism, they are vocal "cords", not "chords".

  43. Michele Gaddis

    As a classically trained singer this is a singers worst nightmare come true. Assessing the full extent of damage can take time. People who aren't singers don't understand how going from one range to another through damage to the voice can distroy someones career. I not only think she should win but the supplier needs to be inspected with a 'fine tooth comb'.

  44. Kelly Martin Croft

    You may not acknowledge it at this point in time but He IS your God and one day ALL will bow and proclaim it. You just might be proclaiming it from hell but either way you will do it:)

  45. Anonymous


  46. Anonymous

    Why did she wait 3 years to sue McDonald's for this? Also she is also a clerk with the Attorney General’s office, How convenient.

  47. Michele Gaddis

    I disagree. When you eat at a restaurant you have a reasonable expectation that you will not leave worse off than you came in, in other words that you will be damaged in some way! As for you not being able to sing as you did after surgery-were you a professional or serious vocational singer?

  48. Anonymous

    When did mcdonald's start serving food in styrofoam glass?

  49. Debra Lynn Moody

    Why wait so long? To many people are "sue happy". What happened to turning the other cheek? She sings Gospel music therefore she is a Christian. Bible says turn the other cheek!

  50. Jesse Willhite

    put this fool in jail just for being stupid.

  51. Anonymous

    Desiree Danielle Its funny though that McDonalds did not even hear of her "Supposedly" swallowing a piece of glass until NOW? Have YOU ever had an incident at a restaurant or hotel etc where something happened and you did not report it immediately to lodge your complaint? HARDLY.

  52. Jill Kistler

    It's interesting that she didn't report it to the owner immediately. It it had happened to ME, I would've raised holy he## in that restaurant. I don't believe her for a second. Maybe her voice has changed – but it would be from other factors. She sees dollar signs and her chance of winning the case is nil! LOL

  53. Princess Anne

    anyone got a picture.. is she a fat hog? if so porkus pigus shouldn't be eating at mickey dee's.. serve's you right. a bone… my butthole…. liar… 3 years later? lying….. fat….. fooooooooker

  54. Ted Ball

    fraud! another person trying to screw the system, did the hospital remove the glass, did a doctor witness the glass in her throat. is she just another lazy person wanting to get over, and last but not least, what kind of career do you have as a gospel singer,(usually you volunteer to be in these groups!

  55. Judi Dykes

    Fraud! So tired of people trying to get something for nothing from a company like McDonalds that hire many young and older folk. I have traveled around the world and many times been pretty happy to see those Golden Arches. They are consistent, clean and so sorry customers think they are the fat cat to get $$ from.

  56. Mikeandjanie Moroz

    Morgan Mulberry Lewis. 3yrs…really? And how can they prove it was McD's? Odd.

  57. Kinga Brown

    She will sue in the name of Jesus. Somehow I'm not convinced,why so late lady?

  58. Jeremy Smith

    How did she know it was a piece of glass that she swallowed? She would have had to see it before she swallowed it, which means she could've prevented herself from consuming it.

  59. Carl Sumner

    I wonder if she is a smoker. Cigarettes will change a person`s voice to more of a bass. In any event, her story is very suspicious. It is not uncommon for a person`s voice to change with time and use.

  60. Carl Sumner

    I wonder if she is a smoker. Cigarettes will change a person`s voice to more of a bass. In any event, her story is very suspicious. It is not uncommon for a person`s voice to change with time and use.

  61. Anonymous

    It seems to me that if you chew your food, you would discover the glass before you swallowed it.

  62. Anonymous

    It seems to me that if you chew your food, you would discover the glass before you swallowed it.

  63. Lin Frank

    true story…I order a grilled chicken salad from a mcdonald's in Fayetteville Arkansas in 1995 and found a paring heard right…walked and showed the manager and he was scared I was going to take his job and everyone elses….i didn't sue but got free food…I know dummy me…I'd be a millionaire by now..

  64. Adriana Aldrich

    I don't understand how this is possible because we (I'm a manager at a McDonald's) don't even use anything that has glass in it.

  65. Xtra Xtraemail

    The whole concept of suing either needs to be eliminated or strictly limited. People like this are what's f'king up the economy of this country. Notice how good-for-nothing people like this lady go after successful companies just to squeeze every penny they can out of them. People like this don't search for jobs, they search for people and businesses that they can sue for free money. I love America but this whole "suing" nonsense is getting way out of hand.

  66. Anonymous

    Works at the Attorney Generals office, and takes her three years to decide she might have a claim. Would love to see a picture of her. Sounds like she is looking for her own personal entitlement program, just like many have been programed by our government to do. Curious at best. Doubt she would want me on her jury.

  67. Laura Jean Flad

    This happened in 2010 and you are just suing now? I hope you loose. How do you know it was a piece of glass that was in your food? Did you have it surgically removed? This sounds fishy….

  68. Mark Bruder

    Who "files a report" with the court? That's not at all how lawsuits are started. Have you ever seen a Complaint (or whatever the equivalent is in New York)? It's not exactly just a form you fill out. People who know less than nothing about lawsuits shouldn't be allowed to comment on them.

  69. Shell Dilligaf

    Good for her! Glass in your sandwich is not acceptable.

  70. Renee Bush

    finding glass in your food is REALLY serious! you don't wait 3 yrs after the fact to file suit…blood should have been everywhere depending on the size of the glass, have your thyroid checked and if that's the case there's a pill for that….for life though and continue singing…baratone.

  71. Anonymous

    So, tell me, IF we are to #$%$-UM-E that 'The piece of glass was "bigger than a penny," according to The Post.' is true, then why did she swallow it. It was obviously detected by her tongue. After all, that is how she knew how big it was! WHY SWALLOW, SPIT IT OUT!

  72. Anonymous

    So, tell me, IF we are to ASSUME that 'The piece of glass was "bigger than a penny," according to The Post.' is true, then why did she swallow it. It was obviously detected by her tongue. After all, that is how she knew how big it was! WHY SWALLOW, SPIT IT OUT!

  73. Alisha Anne Douzart

    Funny you say that. We are His sheep and He is our Shepherd. Way to quote scripture there, Josh (intentional or not).

  74. Jeff Faulkner

    Soooo, she has to tell people on the phone that she's not a man although her name is Jacqueline? I can see how that can be confusing. Stupid people and their frivolous lawsuits.

  75. Jacqueline Lee

    The vocal cords are in the windpipe, not the esophagus. Had the glass gone into the windpipe she would have immediately begun choking, something not mentioned in the story; if, on the other hand, it went into the esophagus there is no reason to believe that it would have contacted the vocal cords. So either the story is badly flawed, or the claim is utterly bogus.

  76. Spartan Heart

    Not only that, someone tell me what was glass that could have broken? I cant think of one thing at mcdonalds even made of glass. Not even the drive through windows anymore..

  77. Kevin Adrian

    The only problem I have with this claim is that as much as I do not like McDonald's, I know enogh folks that work there. They do not use glass in anything other than a coffee pot. it could have happened at the processing plant, which would be more plausible than it happening at McDonald's.

  78. Carol Gordon

    The NASTY UNHEALTHY food would of killed her soon.

    After I looked up the Nutritional information on McDonalds website, I quit eating that CRAP!


  79. Leonard Los

    Another bullshit story. Probably can't sing to begin with.

  80. Donna Hamilton Skelton

    Okay, if I inhaled glass enough to damage my vocal chords I would immediately seek medical attention. I would like to know if she sought help or is this just a bunch of b.s.

  81. Angela Cater

    Its possible. And a restrurant has to be responcible for the foods and services they sale. They wrecked her career by accident I am sure but it happen.Although there are a lot of frivolous suits out there I believe this one is legitimate.

  82. April Blankenship Ellison

    You would think she would have gone to the doctor immediately, and despite whether or not she heals, if she truly did find a piece of glass in her food, McDonald's should hold some responsibility for that, compensate her medical bills, and punitive damages. There's no reason for waiting 3 years … if your case is good enough, there's plenty of law firms that will take the case and only charge you if you win.

  83. Jimmy George

    Another Idiot trying to get something for nothing sounds to me like she needs to go to church and repent.

  84. Anonymous

    if her throat got messed up when she swallowed the glass, imagine what happened to her a…

  85. Jessica Ann Beard

    well you can always put another knife there and do it over again

  86. Moria Garrison

    working in medical records I can tell you that just gathering medical record documents can take a while, and then there is reviewing them to see if there is an actual case and so forth. So maybe she has been in the process for a lot of those three years.

  87. Gary Rogers

    maybe the glass is from the broken crack pipe…..another pathetic POS wanting 15 minutes of fame….hope she rots in hell….better yet jail……

  88. Moria Garrison

    This is true, but also having worked for Mcdonalds I can tell you that they are in contract with those they order their food from, many of their items are exclusive to their stores and therefore they can be named in a claim, just as a nurse in an operating room can be named in a medical law suit.

  89. Moria Garrison

    Maybe she had to go to the hospital and they removed it, that would make it obvious that it was glass, just saying

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