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Ozzy, Sharon Together Again For Event, Kiss In Osbourne Rehab Saga

Ozzy Sharon Together

Ozzy and Sharon may be together again after Ozzy Osbourne’s recent relapse into substance abuse forced his wife Sharon to demand that he move out until he could regain his sobriety. The pair have been spotted out and about in public, and daughter Kelly Osbourne in particular seems excited by her dad’s recent achievements.

Fashion Police star Kelly, always an exuberant tweeter, even left a post on Friday which strongly hinted that Ozzy might have moved back into the house. You can check it out below for yourself. The jist is that Ozzy and Kelly are having a chuckle together while Sharon hides under a towel.


According to MSN Entertainment, Ozzy and Sharon shared their first public kiss since the temporary break on Saturday night. They appeared together on the red carpet for ‘An Evening With Women’ event in Beverly Hills, California.

Sharon, who has admitted to being devastated by Ozzy’s relapse, looked a little tense. Ozzy got more chin than lip in a photo of the embrace.

However, both father and daughter looked thrilled, and I think fans too will be pleased to hear that Ozzy appears to be back on the road to recovery.

TMZ reported that the three — Ozzy, Sharon, and Kelly — were also together at lunch earlier that day. “Our spies say that as the meal went along, the two got pretty cozy together,” they said.

Kelly Osbourne is being a little cagey with her tweets, but read between the lines and see what you think.

Do you think it means that Ozzy and Sharon are really back together?

[Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne together in 2007 photo by s_bukley /]

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13 Responses to “Ozzy, Sharon Together Again For Event, Kiss In Osbourne Rehab Saga”


    Lord Jesus give Ozzy the stranth to give up harmful substances by the power of your holy god the son blood shed on cavalry.

  2. Anonymous

    Sharon pay Lee Kerslake, Bob Daisley and all the other musicians & writers who really saved Ozzy's career the money you've owed them for decades! You are a lying, evil sub-human. You can't fool everyone.

  3. Anonymous

    Dying careers ? LOL, Ozzy has been around for 40 years and still going strong . the new black Sabbath album is great..You must be a Bieber fan

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