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Kid Rock’s Lip Syncing Diss Causes Stir During Billboard Music Awards

Kid Rock Billboards Lip Syncing

Kid Rock’s lip synching comments probably didn’t go over as well as he thought it could during Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. True to his spirit, the “Rebel Soul” artist dissed more than a few performers with his comment.

Having the rebel rocker step up to the stage immediately after Chris Brown and Selena Gomez’s performances may have been bad planning on the part of Billboard organizers.

In true form, Kid Rock immediately commented, “Let’s give it up for people lip-syncing under pre-recorded music!” That comment certainly got a cheer from the audience, though it probably also garnered hate looks from Gomez and Brown.

The comment certainly made the rounds on social media, as Twitter and Facebook questioned if Kid Rock’s lip syncing comments were aimed specifically at Chris Brown or Selena Gomez? Or were they just a dig at the entire music awards show, which is admittedly different from the first few years.

After the comment, the Kid went on to present the honor to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for “Thrift Shop.” But whatever the rebel rocker meant by the comment, it’s safe to say he has less of a love for rap and pop, and more of a love for southern rock and true country.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kid Rock spent sometime with a host of country legends at George Jones’ funeral. The singer even performed a very mellow, acoustic original song at the memorial. Given the circumstances, and Kid Rock’s background, it’s not hard to see why he would make such a comment in the face of new music.

But beyond probably pissing off Selena Gomez and Chris Brown, Kid Rock’s lip syncing comment gained him a few new appreciative fans, one of which commented on Twitter, “Kid Rock may have just become my favorite artist for speaking da truth…#lipsyncingsucks.”

What do you think of Kid Rock’s lip syncing comments? Should performers at the Billboard Music Awards do their shows live, or is it okay for them to lip sync to pre-recorded tracks?

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16 Responses to “Kid Rock’s Lip Syncing Diss Causes Stir During Billboard Music Awards”

  1. Don Mackenzie

    Good for him. Selena, justin nd Chris Brown can't sing live that's why they need the prerecorded tracks.

  2. Gilbert Monroy

    Should performers at the Billboard Music Awards do their shows live, or is it okay for them to lip sync to pre-recorded tracks?
    the radio or cd's is how I want to listen to prerecorded tracks…..if the show is live the performances shoul be too…..

  3. Cathy Smith Callison

    They probably can't because they truthfilly can't sing. Its all about looks and dancing now. You can't sing? Who cares we have equipment to fix that in the studio

  4. Perculating Madness

    kid rock is a over the hill dried up punk rocker… what's the last thing he made.

  5. David Lammlin

    He comes out with an album every year more or less and has had many hits recently. He also has nothing to do with punk rock….

  6. Carrie Arlene

    He's right. I'm sick of canned music, with people who can't sing like Selena and Taylor.

  7. Tj White

    Another dumbass spouting off about something he clearly knows nothing about. Kid Rock has never been a punk rock artist. His last record was last year.

  8. Vince Esposito

    If they are going to keep up the whole dog and pony show at these ridiculous award shows… its probably not the smartest move to bring in a guy who is a real recording artist and not part of that culture at all. That's just bad planning.
    Bring in another corporate shill artist to give the award away… there are more than enough to choose from.

    Of course Kid Rock is going to put the hack teenage music awards on blast… and more power to him for it.

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