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Warriors Fans Killed In Shooting Outside Stadium

Warriors Fans Killed In Shooting

Two Warriors fans were killed Thursday in a shooting that took place on a crowded freeway after the team’s playoff game let out.

Police described the incident as a shootout between two cars of people. The shooting left two men in a Porsche dead, the driver who was shot dead and a passenger who was killed as he left the car on Interstate 880 in Oakland.

There were conflicting reports about exactly how the passenger died. NBC Bay Area noted that he staggered out of the car and was struck by another car, but the San Francisco Chronicle said he was ejected when the car struck the median.

The men were wearing Warriors clothing and in the car police found playoff tickets to Thursday’s game, which saw the Warriors eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs.

Police think the men killed in the Porsche were shooting at people in another car, which has not yet been found by police. Witnesses said they saw a dark-colored SUV at the scene.

Police are looking for more help for information about how the Warriors fans were killed. They are asking witnesses to come forward and looking for surveillance video from the team’s arena to find more information about the killers.

Many potential witnesses drove by the scene, police noted.

“We were about 10 cars back when traffic just came to a stop,” said Andy Anderson, who was leaving the game. “We looked over, and there was a body in front of a white car on the freeway.”

After the Warriors fans were killed, police shut down the freeway for hours as they searched for shell casings and other evidence. It caused major traffic delays as the crowd filtering out of the Warriors game had to be diverted. They finally re-opened the highway at 2:30 am on Friday, about four hours after the game ended.

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69 Responses to “Warriors Fans Killed In Shooting Outside Stadium”

  1. Jay Stingerman

    You sick bastards using the NBA increase views on your website? From now on when ever someone is killed. I want this site to tell me who their favorite basketball team is. If not you don't care about humanity. You may as well be carrying around a pressure cooker.

  2. Anonymous

    Steve Gizz you are ignorant! Is the Aurora shooter, James Holmes, a product of Africa?

  3. Anthony Argento

    The guys doing the shooting were the ones killed instead of a bystander? This is different. Pleasant surprise though.

  4. Ron Sebastian

    Did you think if you misspelled it, It would be less offensive?

  5. Anonymous

    Struck the media? Reporters were hit? Why didn't they talk more about that? LOL

  6. Erin M Bragg Sr.

    I like gun games but not real gun I use bare nuckles and If I get hit hard enough It could hurt me so I don't like fighting and I hate guns a man can own one but a human has to shoot another so yhe have to be responsible and never show and tell or not have crap like that.people should pay evenly. an eye for an eye!

  7. Anonymous

    Can't imagine that after an NBA game. Wow I am surprised. Meanwhile back at the ranch Dennis Rodman travels to North Korea.

  8. Anonymous

    ok so those stupid spics acting spicadly or those stupid slants acting slantedly

  9. Anonymous

    What an idiot that person is.. Unless you know they were black ( which you don't!!!) then you really are giving the most uneducated of assumptions.. Goes to show, ignorance comes in all colors…YOU ARE THE DEFINITION of IGNORANCE..

  10. Anonymous

    Another idiot using social media to put out his racist rants.. I actually feel sorry for the guy.. He wasn't raised right, plus he can't spell…

  11. Chris Suydam

    You didn't "shut them out" you closed them out. You could say you "shut them out" if they didn't score or if they didn't win any games. The Warriors fans were killed by the unknown parties. This doesn't necessarily make the fans bad people or up to no good; they could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is possible that a Spurs fan could have been on their way to the airport and been shot. Crime happens and to associate a group of sports enthusiasts or a certain race as being more deserving of death is very shallow.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey steve, guess that means you should return since the ignorance which is the meanining of the word you could not spell correctly could apply to you too…. No worries, just grow up and get over your very very very small mindedness… God Bless..

  13. Stacey Jones

    If it's Oakland, it's black, it's violent, it's gangster, it's poor. It's not racist. It is what it is. I'm black, I was born in Oakland, got out because it is what it is. I won't lower myself to that lifestyle. Let them kill each other.

  14. Anonymous

    Wayne Jones Wayne has no clue where that statement came from. Stupid naggardly liberal idiot.

  15. Jim Krally

    Chris Suydam , such a deep thinker chris, thanks for the einstein like explanation of what shutout means, she should have said shut up and directed it at you….she said nothing of race, you are the one with it on your mind

  16. Erica Ngbeken

    what makes you think they were products of africa?

  17. Sherry David A Lavoie

    Just brain-dead sport fanatics being brain-dead sport fanatics.. White, black, yellow, green doesn't matter.Sport fanatics are like religous fanatics. Hero worshipers.

  18. Erica Ngbeken

    people who drive Porsche and have tickets to WCSemifinals are not poor…dumbass

  19. Mike Crean

    Probably a Sac Kings fan jealous the Warriors made the playoffs and realizing they may never see that in their lifetime.

  20. Jesús Curiel Jr.

    Steve Gizzi I saw you Facebook profile… you only have 25 friends, which says something about you… and none are black/African American or any other race, your friend all appear to be white/Caucasian… which says even more about you.

  21. Chris Miller

    So basically the media outlets are going to use the fact that they came from the warriors game to gain attention on the internet? Ridiculous, you really think they were shooting at eachother because of the outcome of the game? I can't stand the misleading titles and stories the news uses in this present day, and I'm only 23….Why couldn't it be "Two Cars Shoot It Out On Oakland Freeway"? No, lets use the fact that they were warriors fans to gain attention to it….whatever.

  22. Joe Ferguson

    Oakland will never change! Same FUCKIN shit hole I left 25 fuckin years ago! This is what happens when you allow the scum of the earth to run the show! Great job! ASSHOLES

  23. Joe Ferguson

    Wayne Jones What !!!Truth straighten your fro??????????? Oakland>>>>>>>> Africa USA!!!!

  24. Joe Ferguson

    Got out 25 yrs ago!!! Lost 14 homies in1 yr… Don't have to be smart to know when to bail!!!!Stolen Porsche ………….maybe?

  25. Michael Evans

    Hey ' lardass' It is NEVER funny to use any word such as that. You sound about as ignorant as your picture

  26. Pat Sanderson

    I had to comment on here because most of you people sound so raciest its makes me sick. You want the facts well here they are. Chris was driving the Porsche S 2010 how do I know because he called me 3 hours before the game and I was to busy to go with him. Not only was chris not some ghetto gang banger he was probally on of the most amazing nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. Just to let all you awfull people commenting on here know I am a white guy from a white town and I was proud to call chris what was not BLACK he was 1/2 black my very good friend. When you people come on here and comment about a person you have no idea about you lower yourself and spew hate at somebody that does not deserve it at all. I know on xmass chris bought 100 turkeys and took them to a shelter and handed them out himself what did some of you do for others? I aslo know that chris took some inner city kids shopping that other wise would not get presents.

    You sick pieces of shit see a story on the news and start talking about how these anaimals killing themselves but chris and his friend were unarmed and MURDERED after the Warriors game it was 10 at night so the game had just let out. You people on here saying bad things are trashing somebody that was a better person than just about all of you. The world lost somebody last night that we can never get back and it was somebody that cared for others and would bend over backwards for just about anybody in need.

    I don't know what happened last night I honestly think he was in a nice car and in the wrong place at the wrong time I hope the people who did are caught so I can look them in the eye when they are sent to jail for the rest of their worthless lives.

  27. Joel Gonzalez

    Some people just don't know how to behave themselves.

  28. Michael Evans

    Kris Richardson You are a frigging idiot if you think ANYONE will believe that lie. Stats show otherwise. I PERSONAL experience of going there to see older relatives. Oakland is BLACK dominated in the minority sector.
    2010 Census STAT 28% African American, 16.8% of ALL Asian races COMBINED, 18.1% were Mexicans
    You are nothing but another NON educated punk from the projects. Notice I did NOT stoop to your whale turd level and use racist terms. I am far too educated to have to resort to gutter language. So now you have EVIDENCE to show you for the tool your are

  29. Michael Evans

    Explain how these people are ' Products of Africa '. Were they born in Africa? Do you call your child a Product?? So the liked sports, what is wrong with that?? I guess that you never were strong enough to play any sports but ' Jacks '

  30. Chris Ericksen

    one vehicle waiting for the other outside the arena till the game ends….attack vehicle for whatever reason, attack in a crowd, easier to blend in and get away? possible, and no mention of race, specific reason for attack, any other reason or explanation to be pooh-poohed….who knows what goes on in the head of these nut cases….just be glad no bystanders were injured, because I would think this was a thought-out attack.

  31. Antonia Ferarri

    Can't fault the guy for calling a spade a spade… Ha!
    It is what it is.

  32. Antonia Ferarri

    I'm for repatriotization maybe but neutralizing is a little harsh.

  33. Anonymous

    Jim Krally Captain save a ho much??? Stop being pathetic

  34. Anonymous

    Erica Ngbeken You tell them babe, I'm white & please babe don't listen to them it's really sad they are a bunch of racist! Stay Happy & Healthy! (lol) A White Dude With Brains (lol)

  35. Rose Mary Rangel-Amesquita

    Animals is what they are! You can't even have fun anymore because of some shot-them-up IDIOTS… I hope they catch them…

  36. Michael Nelson

    suspects identity withheld for now. yeah, we have enough black people in trouble with the law now. white people do not shoot someone because they are wearing sports team colors.

  37. Michael Nelson

    being in Oakland, there's no doubt it's black people. again, white people don't shoot someone just because of the colors they are wearing. yet black people complain about profiling. why? they are the ones that can't stay off the police blotters. I believe there are black people and there are (pardon my french) niggers. black people obey the law and live good lives. Niggers commit crimes, kill each other, and wind up in jail.

  38. Anonymous

    All the evidence indicates the shooters was neegears.

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