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Howard Stern’s New Mansion Worth $52 Million [Report]

Howard Stern Palm Beach Mansion

Howard Stern’s new mansion in Palm Beach, Florida cost him a cool $52 million, though for someone who has two jobs paying out millions of dollars, the price tag on the luxurious estate seems more, well, normal.

The shock jock dropped $52 million on the waterfront home, which Trulia explains sits on 3.25 waterfront acres. The house itself totals almost 40,000 square feet of living space.

The home, custom built in 1992, was privately sold to Stern by American businessman Martin Trust and his wife, Diana. For Howard Stern, the mansion’s $52 million price tag probably seems like pocket change.

Stern is worth more than $500 million, with some reports saying he could be a billionaire. The shock jock signed a deal with SiriusXM radio, which pays him half a billion dollars. He then picked up a second job as a judge on America’s Got Talent. That gig also pays millions.

But his work has apparently paid off. The home was custom built by Trust and his wife, who purchased the land for less than $4.6 million in 1986. Trust, the president of a New Hampshire-based investment firm, outfitted the mansion with five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The main house is 18,673 square feet.

Stern’s new mansion also boasts a swimming pool, a spa, and a well-manicured formal garden. Not to mention the beautiful view of the ocean. Howard Stern and his wife currently consider New York home. It is unclear if the new Palm Beach mansion will be a new home, or simply a vacation getaway.

One thing’s for sure, the neighborhood will probably be interesting, considering Howard Stern’s new neighbors are Rush Limbaugh and conservative political commentator Ann Coulter.

The mansion purchase is the most expensive deal recorded this year in Palm Beach. It had a “total market value” of $40.8 million in the 2012 tax rolls, making it one of the most expensive residential properties in the town. What do you think of Howard Stern’s new mansion?

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20 Responses to “Howard Stern’s New Mansion Worth $52 Million [Report]”

  1. Anonymous

    Yea, that's why he's not funny anymore! He's now a typical rich loser!

  2. Robert Stevens

    But yet you still continue to take the time to bash him. Howard said it best if you don't like it don't listen or in this case why are you even reading this story? Truth be told Like him or Hate him you still have to Respect him. I say congrats Howard all of the hard work has payed off keep it up.

  3. Kelvin Archer

    I wish he would take a pay-cut so the Sirius stock price would go up…

  4. Joseph Macrie

    Jason Ellis deserves a contract like Howards. The Jason Ellis Show blows Howards out of the water on the daily! Red Dragons!

  5. Richard O Jones

    Celebrities have no privacy. Even when they die, we talk about the cost of the funeral. I think his new mansion is HIS new mansion and our comments can sit on the toilet as far as Stern cares.

  6. William Karneges

    How unimaginative! Can't rich folks think of anything better to do with their money than buy mansions and yachts and jets. Come on people get a life.

  7. Ken Schultz

    Never have understood why people spend money buying house that are way over what they need. And not just celebrities. One couple with no children buying a 4/5 bedroom, 4/5 bath home is just a stupid waste of money.

  8. Scott Long

    Howard Stern is a friggin douchebag, no talent opinionated egotistical piece of shit.

  9. Debbie Cohen

    Do you really think howard cares about what we think?
    good for him! happy for him.

  10. Anonymous

    Howard's charm during his hay day was that he was able to play an "Everyman" on the radio. Those days are long gone. He's continues to cash in while the show has lost much of it's energy and honesty. I'm not clipping coupons so I can pay to listen to a super rich guy who's show is way past it's prime.

  11. Tracy McKeever Carrie Koschak

    think that's sad……ppl starving and homeless. love howard but, money spent useless is nuts!

  12. Jason Merrill

    If it weren't for Stern, Scotty wouldn't have been on the radio. And that's from Scotty himself.

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