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Amanda Knox Ex Raffaele Sollecito Explains Why He Always Protected Her

Amanda Knox ex

Amanda Knox ex-boyfriend and codefendant, Raffaele Sollecito, appeared on Today Friday to talk frankly about why he has always been such a staunch defender of Amanda Knox, even through the ordeal of being convicted and then cleared only after serving four years for the murder of Knox’s roommate Meredith Kercher.

An Italian court recently overturned the ruling that set them free and has asked for a new murder trial in 2014. Amanda Knox’s attorney has already said that he won’t allow her to appear. Knox and attorney Ted Simon feel that she has no chance of a fair trial in Italy after the prosecutors spun a sensationalized tale of a sex orgy gone wrong.

Knox recently explained to a German reporter: “They wanted to see something that was not there. No matter what I did, if smiled or not, the hair was long or short, if I was wearing a T-shirt or a blouse — it was just all wrong…the judgment in the first trial was already decided before I entered the courtroom. I had no chance.”

Even though he was reportedly Amanda Knox’s boyfriend for only a week, Raffaele Sollecito found himself caught up in what is widely believed in America to be a misguided prosecution. Yet he never backed down or tried to save himself by spinning a story about Knox to cut a deal.

Appearing on Today to promote his book about the traumatic experience, Honor Bound: My Journey To Hell and Back with Amanda Knox, Sollecito explained:

“[I] cannot throw a 20-year-old innocent girl for just giving me the opportunity to live my life because I wouldn’t have ever lived a life like that…the real facts are that we are innocent…”

And, indeed, their conviction was overturned in the first place because there didn’t seem to be any evidence for the prosecution’s colorful description of the murder.

With that logic, the guy could get a job as an Italian prosecutor. By my feeble math, one in 365 or 366 people are born on July 9.

Are they all killers?

Raffaele Sollecito told Today that he will return to Italy to fight to clear his name. I think he’s a brave young man.

What do you think of Amanda Knox’s ex?

Amanda Knox ex supports her

[photo of Amanda Knox being released from prison in Italy courtesy Scott335 via Wikimedia Commons]

[bloody knife photo by mipstudio via Shutterstock]

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27 Responses to “Amanda Knox Ex Raffaele Sollecito Explains Why He Always Protected Her”

  1. Derek Dreizen

    He said "Im-a not a-pluggin her anymore! Pass-a the pizza! Ciao ciao!" What a fuggin' wopp! This guy should be fried over easy and rammed up somebody's ass! And with any luck, I'LL GET MY FUCKING WISH! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!

  2. Beth Stone

    Gotta love a country that if they don't like the verdict, can just change it and try someone again. Thank God we don't have those barbaric ways in the U.S. Let this woman and man get on with their lives.

  3. Bob Decker

    I have seen her on TV and in print but have not heard why she implicated her employer at the bar, a black man who was her friend. This spoiled girl was living a life of sex, booze, and drugs and the press paints her as a victim. The victim was murdered. where is the lie detector machine bitch.

  4. Bob Decker

    Oh and America has such a fair legal system. Only if you are famous or rich baby.And god doesn't help the executed innocents or the guys doing years for having a little weed.In fact gods doesn't help anybody.

  5. Anonymous

    I don't believe either one of these two. Not a word. they are involved and it will come out eventually. Knox story dioes not add up. Neither does. She has changed her story on "Patric" 3 time! the story at the police interview she claims ws due to excessive long interview, then again she changed it on the witness stand to the judge, and even the judge said she was lying, know one know why, and now she changes the Patric story yet again in her book. This is a clear factual indication of a liar, and the only reason at this point to keep lying means the truth has to involve her.
    Tey are both dam liars. AND the DNA on the bra clip says it allto me, contamination my A..S…SS…. the only contamination is the lies.

  6. Scot Cannon

    The evidence is that Rudy Guede acted alone. Ig the Italians want to regain any respect for their justice system, they should go after Guede for perjury and leave Sollecito and Knox alone.

  7. Anonymous

    I don't know why I feel the way I do. But I think Raffaele Sollecito had more to do with killing Amanda's roommate.Then Amanda Knox. I don't think Amanda Knox killed her roommate Meredith Kercher.. Did they give her a lie detector test. Something is not right about the whole thing. Knox’s roommate Meredith Kercher. I think something was going on with Amanda and Meredith and Raffaele and Amanda's boyfriend. Someone should call in the Long Island Medium. She talk's with dead people. She could probably ask Meredith who really killed her.

  8. Ali Hendrix

    This girl is completely innocent. Rudy Guede admitted the murder to someone on the phone, a recorded conversation, with no mention of Knox. It was covered up. He acted alone, end of story. The Italian prosecution was/is corrupt, run by a man known for his crazy conspiracies. I wish Amanda the best.

  9. Cynthia Nixon

    That is not true. Knox and Sollecito killed Meredith. There is no way to explain the evidence. The staged burglary, Raffaele telling the police that he lied to them at Knox's request and then refusing to confirm her alibi, Knox accusing an inocent man and placing herself at the scene, The knife DNA, the bra clasp DNA, Knox's blood mixed with the victim's blood, footprints made in the victim's blood that match Knox and Sollecito. That is less than 20% of the evidence against them.

  10. Bill Morrison

    Hey Beth, it´s a two-step appeal process–the first appeal was overturned, so there was no verdict. Nothing barbaric about it. There is no God. Figure that someone does not repeatedly about the details of a murder case unless somehow involved in the murder–Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito deserve to be getting on with their lives IN PRISON.

  11. Bill Morrison

    Untrue, Scot. There is a whole big pile of evidence that shows that Knox and Sollecito were involved. Spend a couple of hours reading at, and if you are at all honest with yourself you will realize and admit that both Knox and Sollecito are guilty.

  12. Bill Morrison

    Figure that one does not repeatedly lie about the details of a murder case unless somehow involved in the murder. Even now, in her book, Knox presents new versions of events in contradiction to her previous statements, writing and in-court testimony. Only the other day, she expressed exasperation at Sollecito´s not backing her alibi for the night of the murder.

  13. Diane Krstulovich

    "…until the END of next year"? Are they crazy? They are just bullies and sadists, just getting a kick out of destroying the lives of innocent people (so they think).

    As long as they can keep the spotlight on Amanda and Raffaele, they think they can keep it off of themselves.

    The fact is that Guiliano Magnini (the prosecutor) is the guilty party!

    His only job was to keep the people of Perugia safe. And he didn't do it. Again and again, Rudy Guede broke in, entered, and stole from people in Perugia, sometimes carrying a knife.

    The last time he was caught, was just days before he killed Meredith.

    He was arrested numerous times. But Magnini would never lock him up.

    Not even once!

    Probably, the Peruvian justice system has some kind of cozy relationship with Rudy's adoptive father, a Peruvian millionaire. Magnini would never want to lead the Kerchers to demand anything from him! Afterall, he just threw Rudy out of the house for his incorrigible laziness and his crafty lies.

    Or maybe Magnini is just FLOODED with compassion for 'poor Rudy'. Yes, Rudy did have a really hard life.

    But his hard life is not worth trading for the life of one hardworking, exotically beautiful and beloved British Erasmus scholar, the lives and freedoms of two completely innocent people and the loving but pained and devastated families of all of them.

    Maybe Mignini's compassion is motivated by the fact that he himself didn't have to pay a price though he was recently convicted of abuse of office and other crimes.

    The thing about letting guilty people go free, over and over again, is that they return to commit the same crime again. Or worse. Without any punishment, they just never learn ANYTHING.

    Like Rudy Guede. Like Guiliano Magnini.

  14. Alen Salado

    Bill … funny they have a third person in prison for the murder, a black guy and wonder if Italian court system is a little wacky.

  15. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito - Retrial

    A new analysis of the DNA collected using the latest technology shows it'is very unlikely Amanda Knox's DNA was present at the crime scene, the OPPOSITE of what was originally stated, which was that it was definitely hers. (Keep in mind they had not used the equipment available at the time correctly, which is why is was thrown out at the second trial.)

  16. Barb Kolkebeck

    Let me guess. You also believe Zimmerman committed murder based on what the media said, damn the actual facts. Yes?

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