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Mount Everest’s Glaciers Melting, Scientists Point To Climate Change

Mount Everest Melting

Mount Everest’s glaciers are melting and scientists are pointing to climate change as the culprit. The news was announced on Tuesday at the Meeting of the Americas in Cancun, Mexico.

Glaciers on and near Mount Everest have shrunk by 13 percent in the past 50 years, while the snowline of the world’s tallest peak has shifted upward by 590 feet.

Sudeep Thakuri, a graduate student at the University of Milan in Italy, and his colleagues released the information. They tracked changes the glaciers made, as well as temperatures and precipitation at Everest and the surrounding Sagarmatha National Park.

The world’s tallest peak is located in the Himalaya Mountains between China and Nepal. It reaches an impressive 29,029 feet above sea level.

Glaciers in Sagarmatha National Park have retreated about 1,300 feet since 1962. Precipitation has also dropped by 3.9 inches and temperatures have risen by one degree Fahrenheit since 1992. The researchers added that glaciers smaller than one square kilometer are disappearing faster than other ice structures. Thakuri added:

“The Himalayan glaciers and ice caps are considered a water tower for Asia since they store and supply water downstream during the dry season. Downstream populations are dependent on the melt water for agriculture, drinking, and power production.”

In their statement, Thakuri and his colleagues explained that they believe the glaciers on Mount Everest are melting due to “human-generated greenhouse gases altering global climate.” However, they cautioned that they have yet to establish “a firm connection between the mountains’ changes and climate change.”

Climate change has been considered as the culprit for several cases like the one on Mount Everest. The Arctic ice sheet has melted to near-record low levels, while the Antarctic sheet has also seen some ice loss. But despite the ice on Mount Everest melting, The Karakoram Mountains glaciers, located on the China-India-Pakistan border, have not seen much loss. Rather, they appear to be growing.

[Image via Luca Galuzzi]

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2 Responses to “Mount Everest’s Glaciers Melting, Scientists Point To Climate Change”

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Global Friends,

    Humans' weak point is pointing fingers at one another for the cause of wrongdoings inwhich they do not admit.
    Pointing to the "dead" that they cannot complain and answer is the best method. How about the cause of damaging the ozone layers of the Earth atmosphere are the forces of the powerful energies from the rockets that are sending to and fro from Earth and space stations. Can this be one of the main causes that spoilt the covering layers of the Earth? Probably there are many reasons and excuses to be made by these "clever creators".

    Are we, human beings living in this present safe world? It seems that this world's land, sea, air ( including food and drinks ) and outer universe are spoilt by pollution, contamination and nuclear wastes? Is this the way of humanitarian modern civilisation? Where are human moral values of sharing, caring and love in following the law of nature?

    On the contrary, the land, sea and air creatures have had followed their respective laws of nature for millions of years until today, but human beings are going against the law of nature through immoralities of greed, selfishness, stubbornness, egoism in abusing, misusing and manipulating their power, fame and wealth and so on, in doing as they like, by giving no space for these creatures NO space to breathe.

    But, on the other hand, if these land, sea and air creatures were to be like human beings in going against their respective laws of nature and were to attack human beings, then human beings will be extinct. Even all the trees were dead, then human beings were deprived of oxygen or fresh air This the end of the world.

    What is the point of going and finding another home in outer space when one's attitude on Earth is full of immoralities,
    like hatred, anger, greed, discrimination in nations, races, religions, status, lust, selfishness, disrespect, lying, stockpiling weapons of mass destructions or killings, adulteries, cheating in various fields of "earnings", unfilial piety, false love and so on.

    Hope that everyone has their respective responsibility to self-examine and correct their bad habits in leading their own moral example of bridging the gap of One Big Global Civilised Human Being.

    Thank you for the sharing. Love to all beings as One Global Brotherhood.

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