Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content dated, detailed

Activision has announced that Modern Warfare 2‘s first downloadable map pack will be called “Stimulus Package,” and is set to launch on Xbox Live on 30th March.

You may recall that this new downloadable content will be available on Xbox Live only for the first 30 days of its existence, after Microsoft delivered a briefcase of banknotes to Activision for temporary exclusivity. That means it should reach the PlayStation Network and PC around the end of April.

There’s no word yet on what the Stimulus Package will contain, though obviously we can expect new maps and perhaps some new game modes, many of which I imagine will have the same ultimate goal: shoot people in the face as often and as thoroughly as possible.

To get more players hooked on the game so they buy Gold subscriber packages celebrate its DLC launch announcement, Activision has also revealed all Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play the shooter online between 12th March and 15th March for free.

[Via press release]