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Wayne Brady To Bill Maher: ‘I Will Beat Your Ass’

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It appears Wayne Brady’s Bill Maher threat brings to fruition a long-repeated Chappelle’s Show meme. Wayne Brady, we now know, does indeed have to choke a bitch.

Wayne Brady challenged Bill Maher after the comic used him as a punchline to a joke about how President Obama “isn’t black enough.”

But Wayne Brady’s Bill Maher beef went deeper. If you are a frequent viewer of Maher’s show, you know a recurring gag is one about the President’s level of blackness being disappointing. Bill will often call out Obama, who he’s joked is the “invader from Blackmanistan” to whiter Republicans, for not thugging it up in the White House.

Maher is also a vocal Obama supporter, having given his “imaginary child’s college fund” to the President’s re-election coffers, a sizable million dollar donation, last year. But Maher has also joked prior:

“Isn’t Obama’s big problem is that he does everything half-assed? Maybe it’s because he’s only half black … If he was fully black, I’m telling you, he would be a better president.”

In another bit a few years back before the Wayne Brady Bill Maher issue, the comic joked that he wanted Obama to meet with BP execs with a gun in his pants and shoot someone in the foot.

Monday, Brady spoke on HuffPost Live about Bill Maher’s comparison of President Obama to the actor, saying that the “black dude in [Maher’s] mind” is stereotypically violent and thug-like.

Brady elaborated, explaining that while Maher’s characterization may read initially positive, it really serves to reinforce negative black stereotypes and normalize damaging race-based judgments:

“What I care about is when Bill Maher says something like that, he has a segment of America’s ear, so when he says that, it is OK for somebody at home to go, ‘That’s right, guys that actually talk well and are black — that’s not black. I like my blacks misunderstandables.'”

Brady also said:

“I’ve respected him as a comedian, and what he does on HBO is great. But when he starts to drag me in, to use me as the cultural linchpin of his not-black-enough argument, that’s bulls***.”

Wayne Brady said of Bill Maher:

“I will beat your ass in public.”

You can watch the clip, below.

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21 Responses to “Wayne Brady To Bill Maher: ‘I Will Beat Your Ass’”

  1. Tommy Rabid

    Lemme get this straight: Brady want's to END the "Black Thug" stereotype… By threatening to beat up Maher?

    I love good irony.

  2. Jimmy Ragnar Fallacaro

    Wayne Wayne Wayne, your much bigger then this, comedy is just that comedy.

  3. Jason Kleinman

    Who wrote this article because how you wrote it and what is said is two different things. The article you wrote makes it sound like Brady outright threatened Maher but in actuality he was talking hypothetically. This article is why journalists are losing more and more credibility daily!

  4. Babs Noneya

    No. He said if Bill Maher wants to meet the "black" Wayne Brady that black man will beat Maher's ass.

  5. Leonard Purnell Jr.

    I think Mahers point is made by Brady wanting to kick his ass.

  6. Leonard Purnell Jr.

    People need to stop taking Bill literally at times. I am a fan. He is a comedian people. Not a news anchor. He makes jokes as he has well respected and educated black people on as guests.

  7. Dawn Mackes

    honestly, it doesn't matter how the media portrays Wayne Brady. He's Wayne freekin Brady and everybody loves him because he is awesome and if anyone disagrees with that, I will stab them in the jaw.

  8. John Martin

    Which Brady are you when you are on 'The Price is Right'? Greg, Peter or Bobby? Put your sensitive black skin away. Cause nobody can understand the stereotypical 'you haven't walked in my black shoes' rhetoric. It's your type of thinking that helps perpetuate racial stereotyping. Your just another human on this planet, you get no special privileges or exemptions because of your cultures racial history. You made mention of Maher's dating of Black women, you feel the same way about 'brothers' dating white girls? Do you feel me?

  9. Heath Walters

    typical response, lol its ok to joke on whites but when the jokes on the black its racist. Good job Bill but that was way to easy. Brady you are typical.

  10. Heath Walters

    So being black makes him a better fighter,lmao,i KNOW thats not true.

  11. Peachez Jackson

    You idgits still didn't get it. He said that he could give him that sterotype. but what would be the point. it was a thought and he expressed the thought. it is not what he actually said. he told the man what first came to his mind. its like if someone said something off beat to you and what first comes to mind is not what comes out of your mouth and then when you tell the story to someone else you say to them that I started to say the first thing that popped into my head which was,"blahblahblah" but I ended up saying something else. I agree with you Bill Tabino. somebody should.

  12. Kathleen Reilly White

    Why can, t we joke any more without people becoming so upset. I even make fin of my self. Get of it, and start to have some fun. That's what is wrong with this world. Nobody can say anything without it being taken out of context. GROW UP AND START ENJOYING LIFE!

  13. Jack Carmicheal Thompson

    I think Bill needs to shut the hell up.

  14. Berndy Francis Williams

    I'm not getting wayne Brady point, his talking about Bill Maher dating black women, INTERESTING…because Wayne Brady havn't dated a black women a day in his life how ironic, I'm pretty sure the Bill Maher would kick hiss ass!

  15. Joel Gargan

    I'm confused…..soooo, Kat Williams, Chris Rock, and Eddie Griffin are racists now? I thought it was all part of the show. I must just be a confused white person that doesn't understand anything.

  16. Quentin Walker

    Bill Tabino yeah God forbid they disagree with you.

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