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Pickaxe Attacker Goes On Rampage In Italy

Pickaxe Rampage Milan

Milan, Italy – An attacker armed with a pickaxe went on a rampage on Saturday, killing one person and injuring four others in the process.

Police said an immigrant from Ghana randomly attacked several people before being apprehended and taken into custody. The motive for the man’s behavior remains unknown.

Witness said the attacker struck his victims in the head with a pickaxe during his brief rampage over the weekend. The man who was killed during the assault was also hit several times in the abdomen after he’d fallen to the ground.

The suspect also attacked a man who was helping his father deliver newspapers and someone walking a dog. Although authorities initially believed that six people were injured during the attacks, another victim managed to avoid being struck by the pickaxe.

Officers explained that 21-year-old Mada Kabobo, who was living in the country illegally, was reportedly uncooperative with police during his arrest. He told authorities that he was hungry and didn’t have a place to call home. He was picked up in a residential area on the outskirts of Milan.

“Police blocked him with difficulty. He was in an evident state of marked psychological stress,” Colonel Biagio Storniolo explained.

Kabobo has been charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. However, this isn’t the first time the suspect has been in trouble with the law. He was previously arrested for alleged, theft, robbery, property damage, and resisting public authorities.

The suspect’s deportation from Italy is currently pending since his other criminal cases are currently working their way through the country’s legal system.

Two of the individuals who were wounded during the pickaxe rampage are reportedly in critical condition. The person who was killed by Kabobo was an unemployed 40-year-old man who was heading to a cafe in the area.

What do you think about the pickaxe attacker who recently went on a rampage in Milan?

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7 Responses to “Pickaxe Attacker Goes On Rampage In Italy”

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I think legislation should be introduced making pickaxes illegal.

  2. Sam Fry

    Universal background checks and 10 day waiting period for ice pick purchases!

  3. Matthew Pearce

    Wow, some people need to live in straight jackets… What a sick world we live in today, people kill others just to get attention sometimes. That's why I don't trust anybody, except my family of course(and some of them you just never REALLY

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like they have a population cesspool just like the U S.

  5. Matthew Pearce

    What kind of gun do you pack around Ed? I'm guessing a hand gun…what is that going to do vs. a guy gunning towards you with a fully automatic weapon? Answer: Not much… I'm guessing you would lose that battle 9 times out of 10. You could try to be a hero and get yourself killed. I'm not sorry that i'm right here… A crazy person with a gun will usually take out more people than a crazy guy with a pickaxe… Just simple logic. We're trying to avoid more mass murders that don't need to happen, ever… Give everyone a background check and whatever else they want to do to get the guns out of the crazy persons hands… EVEN if it doesn't work to perfection(because your argument is that they will break the laws and get guns somehow anyway…TRUE, but no matter how much you want to cry about it… Laws do prevent SOME people from doing bad things) So, even if making dozens of new laws slows down the process of getting a gun…Isn't it worth it to know that you have saved some lives? Maybe saved a massacre from happening….

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