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Farrah Abraham Gets Into Fight Before LAX Flight Over Carry-On Bag

Farrah Abraham Gets Into Fight Before LAX Flight

Farrah Abraham got into a fight at LAX on Saturday after American Airlines wouldn’t let her go through security without checking an over-sized bag.

The Teen Mom turned adult film star showed up with a large duffel back to bring on her flight, but was told by airline personnel that she needed to check it before she could go through security. That wasn’t a problem for Farrah, who agreed to check the bag, but the tone of the woman who told her struck the Teen Mom the wrong way.

Farrah Abraham reportedly got into a fight in LAX, shouting at the woman and accusing her of acting like “trash.” The airline employee then called the cops.

When they showed up, Farrah Abraham tried to explain the LAX fight, but they reportedly didn’t want to hear it and told her to shape up.

It is the latest bizarre incident to hit the news for the reality television star, but may not even by the strangest thing she’s done in the last two days.

Abraham, who last week released a sex tape, told a radio station on Friday that she plans on showing her daughter Sophia the sex tape when the girl becomes a teenager.

“When she’s around 13, 14, gets on her period, kind of wants a boyfriend age. I think then that’s the year to really be like ‘Look Soph, I have this tape,” Abraham said in an interview with King Mac Radio.

Abraham said she doesn’t want to be the type of mother who hides things from her child, and wants to keep an open line of communication with Sophia. Farrah said she has a baby box for her daughter that has every episode of Teen Mom … and the sex tape, too.

She even defended showing strong sexual content to someone so young: “Well you know, kids who are like, 5, when I went back into a public elementary school were talking about sexual things and cussing. So I think we all know that you just need to handle sexual conversations when your child is talking about it. And, so that’s how I will evaluate it.”

After the airport situation was cleared up, Farrah Abraham seemed bitter about the LAX fight still, tweeting, “I thought American Airlines was good apparently they need better customer service, never flying with them again:) #CallThePolice.”

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2 Responses to “Farrah Abraham Gets Into Fight Before LAX Flight Over Carry-On Bag”

  1. Kitty Magnifica

    Man! Wish I could launch into an altercation with every person that annoys me – I suck it up and go the easy route. Say nothing,,,, and Farrah, it doesn't matter what you tell your child about your sex tape. You are her monther. No one wants to hear about their moms sex. please please please do not subject your children to endure it.

  2. Karen Carron

    Farrah is a spoiled little rich girl who "feels entitled"! Showing a sex tape to your child at any age is inappropriate! Would you like to see video of tour parents going at it?! Gross!

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