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Did You Choose To Be Straight? Viral Video Brings Up A ‘Good Point’ [Video]

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Do you choose to be gay, or are you born that way? That question is at the heart of the debate between gay and traditional culture, and prompted Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker to turn it on straight folk, asking “when did you choose to be straight?”

The video, shot in Colorado Springs, has Nuckolls interviewing bystanders about their sexuality. He leads with questioning whether being gay is a choice, or if homosexuals are simply born that way, as they say.

Most respondents are pretty level-headed, choosing the “happy medium” of “it’s probably a little of both,” suggesting that environmental factors may play a role in how one’s sexuality comes to be. At the least, they give the benefit of the doubt to the “born that way” argument, but leaving room for development to play a part.

Nuckolls then asks “when did you choose to be straight?”

Remarkably, most respondents take the point immediately. They laugh at the question and concede that Nuckolls brings up a “good point,” or respond that they’ve “never thought about it that way.”

The lady at the end is the most clear “they choose to be gay” advocate, but even when she is asked when she chose to be straight, she laughs and confesses that gay people “maybe” don’t make a choice at all.

The video has gotten over three million views since it was published in 2008, and over 8,000 people have “liked” it.

So what inspired the creators to make the video? Simply to “prove that asking the right question can be more important than anything you can tell someone.”

Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts. Do people choose to be straight?

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11 Responses to “Did You Choose To Be Straight? Viral Video Brings Up A ‘Good Point’ [Video]”

  1. Melissa Lutz

    I personally believe that no sexual orientation is a choice. Now with that said I do believe that there are some that claim to be gay for attention. I say that because I have seen it with my own eyes… it has destroyed the people that they have used. I think that in general people fall in love with a person and don't focus on their sex. The media and society as a whole feel the need to make sense of everything but love is incredibly complicated on one end and incredibly simply on the other. Maybe instead of trying to explain it to ease your mind you should simply stop with the judging and labeling and start trying to just be.

  2. Marlena Palmer

    Why does it matter? We care way to much about what happens in people's bedroom and what they do in their personal lives.

  3. Guy Maxfield

    It matters to our Gay brothers and sisters….. That arnt happy with just being Gay They Want you Me And any one that isn't Gay To accept the notion of Being Gay Is A Biological Factor that they have no control over. Like being Born Black. Which is Determined by your Parent's Genetic Make Up. ( Sex Is Determined by The X And Y Chromosomes of the parent's You As A Fetus Have no Choice in That. It is after you are born that choice comes into play this is where the confusion comes into play. Ie Sexual Abuse By An Adult that thinks it's ok to have sexual relations with a child or a mother that want's a girl but has a boy instead so she dresses him like a girl makes him sit instead of stand when using the bathroom etc. Their are a lot of factors that shape the choices we make in life, Especially when it comes to sex. What we find Pleasurable we are drawn to some are drawn to Hedonism as it draws you to make all kinds of choices ie Do What Ever Thou Willeth " Anton Levey ". So Ultimately It Is A Matter Of Self Control And Self Denial…. Which is also a choice. Just Saying Or Intimating That You Have No Choice Proves My Point. They are choosing not to choose which shows a lack of honesty.

  4. Rosemarie Civitello

    I totally agree with Marlena. There are so many more important tings to focus on in the world. Then weither one chooses to be Gay or Not! You love who you love. Leave it at that!

  5. Joan Wilcox

    Yes they are born that way as we are all born in sin and it is the sin nature that they give into that allows them to choose to be gay, when straight people choose to follow the way of "tradition" they may not be saved but they have not given in totally to their sin nature they are fighting the sin nature as best they know how.

  6. Guy Maxfield

    It sounds like you believe that humans are no more than animals in the field like the monkeys on TV that seem to act in homosexual way's. In thinking that men are no more than a higher form of ape is part of the myth of Evolution One that i might say that Darwin Renounced before he died. This construct confuses Most people and opens the door to the idea " Well I'm Only Acting Like The Animal i am " I Tend to believe Mankind is better than that. The idea that we don't choose our sexual roles based on our exposures, likes and dislikes say's we are powerless and can only act like animals. The power of man Is The Power of choice To Do a Thing Or To Not Do A Thing. To Not Take Responsibility for those Choices Is To Deny Your Humanity….. And that is a dark road to walk. Don't Get Me Wrong I am not judging, On The contrary I don't care If Gay people get married… Or Have better right's and get treated better than they have in the past. That is not My Issue, My Issue is the idea's 1) That the gay Cause is the same as the Black Struggle for Civil Rights and 2) That You can Be Born Gay. On the first issue In The 40s when the clan came and burned my families home down in little rock ark and burned every thing we owned because we were born black ( A Genetic Fact BTW ) I'm Pretty sure that some of the Klansman were Gay passing for straight. His White Skin Protected him as long as he was in the closet. This was a choice that many southern men took advantage of because it was at that time socially unacceptable to be Gay Especially in the south. So my point is this in the past Gay men had a choice the choice they made resulted in death and destruction. 2) on being born Gay Science doesn't Support it Biology doesn't support it, Logic does not support it. I'm Not Being Mean spirited… I am being Logical I need more information than some one asking question's ie when i chose to be straight… I Need something Concrete that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a child can be born from a womb Gay. Not an Emotional Response Mind you but a logic Based Response.

  7. Emmanuel D. Baselice

    Rosemarie, Marlena, We shouldn't care what people do in their bedrooms and I don't. What we should always care about is the truth. I think it was in the book "A Road Less Traveled" the author/psychologist said, "Without truth there is no sanity." That is true personally and socially.

  8. Darren Laudat

    no hes being a homophobic idiot how is being gay a choice why would anyone choose to be gay when gays have to deal with being beaten,discriminated,threatened,bullied,banned from marrying/adopting,hospitalized, or even killed like the video mentioned when did you choose to be straight um never so if its a choice try being gay even for 1 day you cant plus its in over 450 animal species did they choose to be gay if so why

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