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Farrah Abraham Plans To Show Daughter Sex Tape At Age 13

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wants to show daughter Sophia her sex tape at age 13 or 14.

It’s been less than a week since the Farrah Abraham sex tape was released, and the Teen Mom has already planned on how to handle the situation with daughter, Sophia. The Teen Mom Farrah Abraham plans on showing Sophia her sex tape when she turns “13 or 14.”

“When she’s around 13, 14, gets on her period, kind of wants a boyfriend age. I think then that’s the year to really be like ‘Look Soph, I have this tape,” Abraham said in an exclusive interview, with King Mac Radio.

According to her interview, Farrah Abraham doesn’t want to be one of those moms that hides things, and plans on keeping the line of communication open with daughter Sophia. She even has a baby box for her daughter, with every episode of Teen Mom, her book and her porn video saved inside.

Because every baby needs a copy of her mother’s anal porn DVD right? I don’t even think I know what to say about this except, um, ok then…..

When asked if Abraham thought 13 or 14 was old enough for daughter Sophia to view the Farrah Abraham porn tape, she responded by saying: “Well you know, kids who are like, 5, when I went back into a public elementary school were talking about sexual things and cussing. So I think we all know that you just need to handle sexual conversations when your child is talking about it. And, so that’s how I will evaluate it.”

The Teen Mom Farrah Abraham sex tape, which launched a little less than a week ago, scored Abraham a $1.5 million dollar deal with Vivid Entertainment. Just days after releasing her sex tape with Vivid Entertainment, the Teen Mom also announced her endorsement of Raspberry Tones diet and fat loss pills, which reportedly earned the star a low six-figure deal.

With Farrah Abraham porn, diet pill endorsements and unbelievable radio interviews which announce her plans to show daughter Sophia her sex tape at age 13, we’re just wondering what on earth this girl will do next? Frankly nothing would surprise or shock us anymore.

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8 Responses to “Farrah Abraham Plans To Show Daughter Sex Tape At Age 13”

  1. Vanessa Powers

    I think it's really in poor taste to post this in an article about showing a child a sex tape. Maybe you should exhibit a little common sense or is good taste not your strong point?

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