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ABC Shows Canceled: ‘Happy Endings,’ ‘Body Of Proof’ Get The Axe

happy endings

ABC canceled several shows last night including the hit comedy Happy Endings.

The network also canceled shows How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life), Family Tools, Red Widow, Body Of Proof, and Malibu Country.

Fans of Happy Endings knew that the end was coming. Cast members have been urging fans to tune in on Friday night in order to “save” the show.

Zachary Knighton, who plays Dave on the show, said: “Instead of going out and wasting your money at a bar or a club, that you can stay home and watch ‘Happy Endings’ for free.”

Casey Wilson added: Watch us Friday so that we stay on the air … but if you’re watching in any capacity, God bless you.”

The show wasn’t able to get its ratings up and was canceled by ABC. But don’t worry, there’s still hope for the 30-minute sitcom. According to Entertainment Weekly, Happy Endings may find new life if it gets picked up by a cable network. ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television are talking with USA Network about picking up the show.

ABC canceled several shows last night but it also renewed much of its lineup. Modern Family, The Middle, Last Man Standing and Surburgatory will all get another season. So will dramas Revenge and Once Upon A Time.

The network will also be adding a new Rebel Wilson show called Super Fun Night and a show called The Goldbergs which will star Wendi McClendon-Covey.

Did one of your favorite shows get canceled by ABC? Do you think Happy Endings will find a new home at USA?

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11 Responses to “ABC Shows Canceled: ‘Happy Endings,’ ‘Body Of Proof’ Get The Axe”

  1. Mike Pascale

    They cancelled body of proof? How stupid is that….

  2. Sherry Smith

    Happy Endings was stupid so I tried to watch but tuned out in the first episode. I liked Body of Proof last season but not the way they re-tooled it for this season.

  3. Gerald Taupier

    Body of Proof is a wonderful show, what is wrong with ABC. There are many junk shows on network tv, but this one is good. I hope it goes to one of the cable stations, it seems that's where all the good shows are now.

  4. Linda Rolf

    I did not like any of the shows they cancelled but I wish they would cancel some of their stupid reality shows like The Bachelor and Wipeout. How about trying something intelligent ABC?

  5. Anonymous

    Why so many gay characters? They are about 5% of the population but about 25% of TV characters….just asking..

  6. Stacy Truchon

    I am so tired of new shows coming out only to be cancelled!! What is the point? Do they not realize how many people dvr shows now? I am so mad about Body of Proof, Don't trust the B, Family tools, and How to Live With Your Parents being g cancelled. It seems like every show I watch gets cancelled anymore!! How can they determine from a small group of people what the rest of us want to watch in a matter of only 2 weeks?????? With so many people having cable or satellite boxes couldn't it be quite easy for them to pull ratings from all TV watchers rather than just the small group who participate in the Nielsen group? Nobody ever asked me if I watch those shows!!!Man iI am mad!!

  7. Melissa Reichert

    I saw that how to live with parents once it was cute. I would watch it again but I'm not good on knowing when shows are on so I do the hit or miss watching lol or watch on demand.

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