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Wrigley Pulls Gum Containing Caffeine

Wrigley Pulls Gum Containing Caffeine

Wrigley has pulled gum containing caffeine from store shelves following pressure from the FDA. Alert Energy Caffeine Gum is included in a broad FDA investigation into the safety of products infused with caffeine.

Casey Keller, president of Wrigley, made the decision to discontinue sales and marketing of the caffeine gum product after meeting with the FDA. He states that the decision was “out of respect” for the ongoing investigation, which addresses health concerns.

As reported by CS Monitor, the FDA is specifically questioning health concerns for children and teens, as the products contain higher levels of caffeine. Currently, there are few restriction on products that have been enhanced with caffeine. Keller has agreed with the FDA’s decision to work toward regulations and guidelines.

Wrigley pulled the gum from stores, and will discontinue production, until the FDA has agreed on new specifications.

Caffeine has been added to numerous products, which are marketed as providing added energy. Candy, gum, nuts, and even trail mix have been infused with caffeine. The amounts of added caffeine can equal or exceed one cup of coffee per serving.

As many caffeine laced energy products appeal to children and adolescents, the FDA has begun scrutinizing the products. As reported by International Business Times, Beverages combining alcohol and caffeine were recently banned, pending regulations of the amount of caffeine.

Earlier this week, Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit against Monster Beverage Corporation, claiming the energy drinks may be harmful. Specifically, Herrera contends that the drinks are marketed to children and adolescents, which may be harmed by the high level of caffeine.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that high levels of caffeine can be harmful for children and adolescents. The stimulant effect can lead increased cardiovascular and neurological concerns, as they are processed differently than in adults.

Wrigley pulled gum containing caffeine in an attempt to cooperate with the FDA. They hope to offer products with safe levels of caffeine in the future.

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7 Responses to “Wrigley Pulls Gum Containing Caffeine”

  1. Jerry R. Blackford

    Yet Monsanto can make Agent Orange Corn………

  2. Gail Finnell

    Wish we could go back to the days when food was actually FOOD!

  3. Enrique Cruz

    Nowadays, if it doesn't cause cancer, or if it doesn't kill you, its not food.

  4. David Daniels

    That's right, with the thousands of amped up energy drinks and sweet alcohol drinks geared towards younger teens and underage drinkers some caffeinated gum is going just too far LoL.

  5. Paul Gaasenbeek

    We should ban gun like Singapore. What is the puropse of this stuff? People chew like a cow does could. Looks and sounds disgusting; never mind it makes a mess when people just toss it on to the ground.

  6. Anonymous

    I work in the corporate office of a store chain. One of our venders brought samples of caffeinated gum. It had a terrible aftertaste.

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