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Booze And Bikinis Are Now ‘Welcome’ In Egypt

Egypt Tourism

Booze and bikinis are now “welcome” in Egypt, according to the country’s tourism minister.

Although radical Salafi Muslim groups have called for a ban on skimpy swimwear and alcoholic beverages, Hisham Zaazou is hoping that people will return to the region for a vacation in the near future.

“Bikinis are welcome in Egypt and booze is still being served,” the tourism minister explained at the United Arab Emirates.

He continued. “We had talks with these Salafi groups and now they understand the importance of the tourism sector, but still you have some individuals that are not from the leadership saying these things.”

Tourism has taken a hit in Egypt following an uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. The problems the country has faced over the past two years caused people to avoid the area when they’re making travel plans.

However, Zaazou is hoping that booze and bikinis will help welcome folks back into Egypt. The minister said he is hoping to increase tourism by at least 20 percent from last year’s numbers. The country is currently banking on alcohol and skimpy swimsuits to do the trick.

Before the uprising three years ago, Egypt was a popular destination for tourists looking to spend some time in an exotic locale. Approximately 14.7 million people visited the country in 2010 alone, spending around $12.5 billion in the process.

However, these numbers dropped significantly after President Mubarak was forced to leave office. Only 9.8 million people vacationed there in 2011. This resulted in just $8.8 billion being spent by tourists.

While the numbers bounced back a bit in 2012 — an estimated 11.5 million decided to visit the country — Zaazou is hoping to increase that figure considerably now that bans on alcohol and swimwear are not being seriously considered.

Do you think booze and bikinis being welcomed in Egypt will help draw people back to the region when it’s time to schedule their vacations?

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15 Responses to “Booze And Bikinis Are Now ‘Welcome’ In Egypt”

  1. John James

    Whether or not some guy says they are "acceptable," has nothing to do with how other people will treat you. I've been to Egypt, and if they don't like you, they will treat you COMPLETELY different. It was not a welcoming place, to say the least.

  2. Michael Sonetto

    Booze and bikini, s huh,,,, ok,,,,,,,,,,,, how about the bullits,,,,,,, Yeah,,, when you think SAFE,,,,, you think EGYPT.

  3. Anonymous

    I have been there and youi better be careful they will lonk you up fast and for no reason and its hell trying to get out no matter what he says they all party in Dubai for reason , stay safe my freinds stay safe…..

  4. Tom Fulks

    unfortunately saying this does not bring any safety with it… these radicals will kill people if they don't like you and saying they accept bikini's and booze in Egypt could be a death wish… not cool Egypt… so not cool.. everyone beware.

  5. Alan David Williamson Jr.

    I hope you get no boze and no bikinis lol Please abstain.

  6. Eddie Murray

    This is how we will start to 'homogenize' the region. Booze and Bikinis becomes miniskirts and marijuana and when enough people go their to have fun, gradually, maybe, the rough edges will smooth out.

  7. Anonymous

    @ Mike Miller… You're right. When I was in London, I had to pass through a heavily populated (Muslims) part of town to get back to my hostel. I don't think that I have had so many dirty looks and felt quite uncomfortable walking through there… I've been to 6+ countries and never felt like that once until London.

  8. Anonymous

    FYI: The Koran has NO explicit prohibition against LIQUOR, since the only alcoholic beverages at the time were mainly beer, and perhaps wine or other fermented beverages. That's why liquor has been for sale in many Arab countries.

  9. John James

    I'm not trying to say everybody was horrible. Our guide was an awesome person, and a devout Muslim. I mean DEVOUT. He was kind person, and would've given his life to protect my family. I still communicate with him to this day.

    But a majority of people weren't very welcoming, unless you were spending money in their shops. Now, Israel, that's a whole different ball game. I was in love with the people. I have to say some of the most gorgeous women I ever saw were there.

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