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Lotto Mistake Results In $14M Prize

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A woman in California made a a little mistake when she chose her lottery ticket last week and it ended up winning her $14 million.

ABC reports that Thuan Le, a single mother with four sons, purchases her lottery ticket at CVS every Wednesday. Le usually spends five dollars, four on Powerball tickets and one on a SuperLotto Plus ticket. Last week, however, she accidentally put $6 into the machine.

Le decided to use her $1 dollar mistake to buy an extra SuperLotto Plus ticket. Well, turns out that she made a pretty good decision. Le just won $14 million.

The California Lottery writes on its website: “She accidentally put $6 in the self-service terminal and bought her tickets. When she realized she still had $1 in credit, she thought, ‘I might as well get another SuperLotto Plus ticket.’ That 6th ticket was the winner.”

According to a press release from the California lottery, Le was excited, really, really excited, when she realized that she won the lottery.

The press release reads: “When she ran her SuperLotto Plus ticket through the terminal and realized she had won a $14 million jackpot, she ran screaming out of the store! Luckily, Le received the information on how to claim her ticket and went to the California Lottery’s Santa Ana District Office to do just that.”

Le said that she’s going to use her money to buy a new house and travel to Vietnam with her parents.

The CVS where Le purchased her ticket will get about $70,000 from the California lottery.

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25 Responses to “Lotto Mistake Results In $14M Prize”

  1. Anonymous

    I need to make more mistakes like that, and fewer of the other kinds.

  2. Anonymous

    Powerball ticket…one dollar each? In Il the Powerball tickets are two dollars.

  3. Anonymous

    I think I'm gonna' be sick…the only thing "I" get from CVS is my anti-depressants…no "happy accident" there.

  4. Paul Atkinson

    I live in california and the powerball was only just released here tickets are $2 each, like everywhere else in the country so that's bs.

  5. Chris Mathis

    It was an extra Super Lotto Plus ticket, not an extra Powerball. Reading the story instead of skimming would help. Sorry they didn't tell the story in 140 characters or less.

  6. Chantelle Knick

    READ THE ARTICLE, PEOPLE. She spends $4 on Powerball and $1 on Superlotto Plus – this time she bought an extra SUPERLOTTO PLUS ticket with the extra $1.

  7. Chantelle Knick

    Marcus Kremer – look at his picture…did you expect any less? Want a real treat? Take a peek at his FB page – it's a real redneck rage fest over there.

  8. Anonymous

    A likely story about making a mistake….HA HA HA….Isn't it kind of ironic how California just got into the powerball just under a month ago and someone wins….just like in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy..their were like 5 winners after that and before, I don't believe there was but 2 a year….Powerball is rigged.

  9. Nyla Santana

    …..didn't know CVS sold lottery tickets-are you guys saying that these tickets are strategically placed for a desired outcome?

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