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Free Shotguns To Be Handed Out In 15 Cities By The Armed Citizen Project


You know what Chicago needs right now? Guns. Lots and lots of guns. The Armed Citizen Group announced at the NRA convention this weekend that it would be handing out free shotguns in 15 cities across the United States.

Chicago, which is having another extremely violent year, will be one of those cities.

Kyle Coplen, the group’s founder, believes that citizens in places like Chicago need weapons so that they can defend themselves against criminals. Coplen believes that the more weapons a city has the less likely people will be to commit violent acts.

Coplen said: “It’s our hypothesis that criminals do not want to die in your hallway. We think that society should use that fear to deter crime … We’re giving folks the tools with which to defend their life, liberty and property, we’re training them how to use the weapons and empowering citizens.”

KTVA reports that the Armed Citizen Group has already started handing out free shotguns in Houston. Coplen said that after a neighborhood is properly armed he’ll put up warning signs telling criminals to stay away. You know, kind of like a “Beware Of Dog” sign except with shotguns.

The group hopes to bring its program to Chicago where gun violence has been on the rise. Coplen said that he is currently talking to lawyers to see if there will be any legal obstacles that will prevent him from handing out shotguns in the city.

What do you think about the Armed Citizen Project? Will handing out free shotguns in 15 cities help decrease crime?

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29 Responses to “Free Shotguns To Be Handed Out In 15 Cities By The Armed Citizen Project”

  1. Anonymous

    You don't hear of armed criminals who been thwarted by unarmed citizens.

  2. Rusty Taylor

    This is over the top nuts. We know dang well that some of those guns will be used in crimes. Not to mention it kind of gives a false ok to shoot someone. We need to fix the problem, not escalate it. I have two guns. Both.22, a rifle and a pistol. More than enough unless your a serious hunter or collector.

  3. Dan True

    I hope there are no legal problems. I am a Chicago resident. We had our garage broken into, and our next door neighbor had their house broken into. I could use a shotgun. I now try and do what I can to protect us with a knife collection, and a pistol grip crossbow.

  4. Dominic VanDivner

    Really, a .22 is more than enough to stop a criminal? You're in lala land. Unless you're a crack shot and can land one in the head every time, you need a larger caliber for defense. Reagen was hit with a .22 round and didn't even know it until after the attack was contained.

  5. Aaron Rodriguez

    Great arm everyone so that they can go and blow people apart when they finally go crazy. As if we didn't have enough Colorado and Newton mass shootings.

  6. Alex Hartounian

    Dumbest post ever.. .22 More than enough? What a tool. False OK to shoot someone? That is ridiculous.. when your life is in danger you only have 1 sense and that is to defend your life.

  7. Alex Hartounian

    Assuming the shotguns will go to law abiding citizens, not much.

  8. Ken Berscheit

    whoever ends up receiving the guns will have to fill out form 4473 and must be able to pass the fbi call in background check, just like as if they purchased it from a dealer. theses no doubt will not just be "handed out" but will have to be picked up at a retailer with a FFL..

  9. Ken Berscheit

    its not the guns that are causeing the crime, its the lowlife dopers and thieves that are misuseing gun, wake up Washington, chicago, new York, etc…..

  10. Myles Johnson

    Although I prefer a larger cal, .22's can do some real nasty stuff. If looking down the barrel of one I would assume the person is proficient with it. 45's are nice too.

  11. Keith Berhorst

    Have you faced a crack head, 4 357 rounds to the chest didn't stop him . You think a 22 would do anything to them you are nuts

  12. Anonymous

    Do the kids also get one, or can they use their parent's Shotgun? More guns, more shooting, more deaths – is that the way to go? God Bless America.
    My choice would be bullet proof helmets and vests for all at all times.

  13. Alex Hartounian

    Myles Johnson , Its all about "Stopping Power". A 22 can do damage but in a situation where miliseconds count, a higher caliber such as a .40 or .45 will drop the person much faster and neutralize the threat. You don't want the suspect to have enough time to pull that trigger.

  14. Anonymous

    Not quite, Archie would have shot George Jefferson if it was like today.

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