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Westboro Baptist To Picket Jeff Hanneman Funeral? Probably Another Empty Threat

Jeff Hanneman

Everyone’s favorite hate group the Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket the funeral of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. But given the group’s recent streak of failure to deliver promised hate demonstrations, we’re wondering if this threat should even be taken seriously.

Hanneman passed away due to liver failure at the age of 49 on Thursday, after which Westboro Baptist called on the faithful to picket the metal icon’s funeral.

Messages superimposed on a photo of Hanneman read: “Man’s job: Obey God,” and “God hates your idols” with hashtags #paying4it and #picketfuneral.

Slayer fans have already begun their counter-attack on Westboro Baptist, and many don’t seem to take the picket threat very seriously.

“Apparently the @WBCSays are gonna picket Jeff Hanneman’s funeral?” wrote one Twitter user. “Yeah, tell that to the thousands of Slayer fans that are gonna be there…”

You can fill in the blanks.

Westoboro Baptist has targeted the metal community in the past, picketing the funeral of vocalist Ronnie James Dio in June of 2010. For Hanneman’s funeral, they’re planning on using signs that parody Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” for unknown and/or stupid reasons.

In any case, if I had to lay down on the odds of WBC showing up to the funeral, I’d put $20 on the Slayer guitarist’s family and fans respectfully burying Hanneman in peace.

That’s a hard truth, right there.

More wise advice.

What do you think? Will Westboro Baptist Church show up to Jeff Hanneman’s funeral, of can we count them out of this one too? Seriously, I think they’re losing their edge.

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16 Responses to “Westboro Baptist To Picket Jeff Hanneman Funeral? Probably Another Empty Threat”

  1. David Platt

    Can someone give up the date for his funeral? I don't want to miss the Slayer fans protecting their rock star.

  2. Dave Kent

    I seriously think it would hella stupid of them to show up at Jeff's funeral. Those metal heads WILL put a serious hurting on those demented bible beating inbred assholes.

  3. David Platt

    I hear Slayer fans protect their own. Good for them. I was never into the music, but I abhor this kind of behavior from people who profess to believe in Christ. Kinda makes the fans, Soldiers against this kind of evil. You go people!

  4. Kelly Shumaker

    Personally, I think they will pussy out. If not, then I will take great enjoyment in watching them get beat to a bloody pulp. Slayer fans can introduce them to what a mosh pit is.

  5. Mike Vannote

    they will get beat down BIG TIME IF THEY TRY

  6. Tim Landrum Sr.

    Im looking for plans too. Let me know what u hear. I will do the same

  7. David Platt

    I'm so annoyed, that would be a depressing thought. To have not one of those shit for brains people show up. Like I said, I'm all out of cheeks.

  8. Warren Marnell

    Go on westboro baptist picket Jeff Hanneman funeral, I dare you. You will suffer one all mighty wrath that will make the second coming look life a fucking picnic you bible bashing dickheads. You will need 5 for every 1 slayer fan.

  9. Anonymous

    Go ahead let them protest, because it won't last long. We metal heads are a force to be reckoned with.I see a few ass kickings in the future.

  10. Rock N'Roll King

    I'am a musiim and I totally disagree with the WBC statement , the man has died doesn't matter what he believes in they can't judge his state of mind , they should respect him as a man also his funeral and his family , may he rest in peace.

  11. Jody M Sopko

    too all the non slayer fans, hell waits………………….and we fight til death, and will haunt the chapel, and it shall reign blood forever, for the angel of death is flying free, and watching over all the slayer fans, i love slayer, imet the band in 2004 at tower records sf, im one of the ghosts or war……………………………m/hail slayer…………and the non slayer fans go pack your fudge cakes, and die………..

  12. Jody M Sopko


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