Sony Ericsson Naite - Econ Friendly Cell Phone

Sony Ericsson Naite Debuts For Sale With Eco Friendly Footprint

The eco-friendly Sony Ericsson Naite shows just how quickly people are willing to buy up anything considered “green.” The Sony Style website showed the units as available and then immediately “out of stock.”

With an unlocked and unsubsidized cost of just $159 it’s a great buy if you want to help the environment but still make calls on the go.

The Naite case is made out of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and the devices comes with an ultra-eco charger.

If you don’t need an iPhone, Google Android phone or the ability to multi-task your life from your device, this is a great buy, plus it will let you do your part for the environment, while you show off your unique phone to your friends. [SlipperyBrick via Engadget]