Did a bunch of FAMU students film an orgy and post in on the internet?

A mix of amusement and outrage amongst Florida A&M University students has erupted on Twitter this morning, due to a circulating sex tape rumored to have been filmed in FAMU dorms and apparently featuring an orgy.

It’s clear that there is a single “sex tape” that is being referred to, although students at the school say the location in the video is certainly not a dorm at FAMU.

From Twitter:

EliPresidente @LizMoShep the porn was not shot on famu’s campus nor did it involve famu students so before u sell us out know the facts ma am.

ClubKaGe @HBCUDigest Any current student can tell you they do not attend FAMU. the dorms are not similar. I read the article most of it.

Comments made on a blog:

It doesn’t appear to be FAMU! The ceilings in the dorm appear to be too high for any FAMU dorm (@14:28min) and clearly not Paddyfoote which seems to be the closest resemblence. And in Paddyfoote, the windows go all the way to the floor.(@13:35min)

While the original footage was posted on DareDorm.com, a paysite that will open with extremely pornographic images (be warned), most links purporting to offer free access to the video redirect to malware. So although the FAMU sextape can be accessed on DareDorm.com for a price, there is no verified safe place to view it on the web as of yet.
Officials from FAMU have not commented on the tape, nor have they confirmed if any current students are captured on the footage. In the meantime, it is likely a poor idea to visit any links (particularly shortened URLs) purporting to lead to the FAMU sextape, as I have yet to see one legitimate source.