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Cop Fired 8 Times: German Bosque On Chopping Block For Ninth Time [Video]


A Florida police officer is fighting to keep his job after previously being fired eight times.

According to WFTV Orlando News, Sgt. German Bosque, Bosque has been fired eight times by three police departments in Florida, including six firings from his current job at Opa-locka in Miami-Dade County.

In a hearing Wednesday, city officials said Bosque should be fired yet again after he left his AR-15 rifle with his girlfriend’s father while he was on leave last year.

Their argument is that Bosque’s decision violated the department’s policy that an officer’s weapon should be secured at all times.

“We’re here on a very simple matter. It’s going to be up to the arbitrator. We think what the officer did was wrong,” said Opa-Locka City Attorney Joseph Geller.

During the case Geller noted that Bosque was the “most disciplined, fined, fired, arrested police officer in the state.”

In the past, German has battled a series of allegations — all of which he has beaten.

Among them are claims of “cracking the head of a handcuffed suspect, beating juveniles, hiding drugs in his police car, stealing from suspects, defying direct orders and lying and falsifying police reports.

WFTV notes he also allegedly once called in sick to take a vacation to Cancún.

“It’s allegations. Allegations are not convictions,” said Bosque’s union-provided attorney, Andrew Axelrad. “We have a system in place, and that system is a fair system.”

Per CBS, Bosque had previously signed a deal with the city agreeing that one more strike would be his last.

The city is arguing that leaving his 30-shot rapid fire assault rifle in the custody of his girlfriend’s father — a licensed security guard — qualifies as the ninth strike.

A decision in the case is expected to be issued in 60 to 90 days.

Readers: Do you think that the Opa-Locka Police Department should have hired Sgt. German Bosque even though he was fired multiple times in the past? Is eight firings enough to show that Bosque is unfit to wear a badge?

Sound off below.

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85 Responses to “Cop Fired 8 Times: German Bosque On Chopping Block For Ninth Time [Video]”

  1. Thomas Vaught

    I live in Florida. Where is this clown. I'm a reporter and if I had been fire 9 times, I would not be working in journalism (except maybe Fox News but that's not really journalism).

  2. Anonymous

    "been fire" ? Do you mean ' I had been on fire', 'I had set a fire', I had eaten a fire fly', or just plain old…'please fire me because I profess to be a journalist, and yet can't spell. Idiot.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm sure if Fox News was reporting on this story they would have asked if the weapon was in a safe or secured in some other way. How did the department find out the girlfriend's father had the gun? At least it was secured with someone who could check on it daily. Sounds like an investigation needs to be done on the department and the officer. Everyone is so quick to judge without hearing all the facts. If the story involves a gun your automatically branded by the liberal media.

    Wonder how your story would have read Thomas? Guess we already know that though.

  4. Don Griffin

    Hard to believe you are a journalist with such bad grammar. I guess you could be with Yahoo News, you aren't good enough for Fox or any other news organization.

  5. Fano Boss

    That LOSER needs to be a security guard at a crack house.

  6. William M Little

    The fact that he has beaten all the other allegations starts to make you wonder if there's a problem with police supervision. Accusing someone of something and proving it are two different things.

  7. Brian Jones

    And this is who our tax dollars pay to protect us?

  8. Chris Crane

    Hold on wait a minute Mr. "journalist" whenever a public figure that you like (bill Clinton for example) is brought up on allegations and he gets off you cheer and say , " see he's not a bad guy", but whenever someone that its politically correct to dislike, like cops (in general), your judgment and disdain is quick and sharp! ok, Mr.. journalist ask the question, how and why did he get off so many times before, and why now are they trying to fire him for a non sanction 1 violation ( many police departments use sanction #'s to categorize violations and determine the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken, sanction 6-verbal warning, sanction 5 letter of reprimand and so on….) leaving your gun at a trusted relatives house in safe keeping is not a fire-able offense, if an offense at all. I find your lack of curiosity and rush to judgment very unprofessional. Why are you not asking more questions? or maybe you're not a REAL JOURNALIST.

  9. Thomas Burrell

    What did Clinton get away with? He was impeached.

  10. Anonymous

    Police departments can slant any investigation in any manner they choose. If you're one of the good old boys, they will find ways to mitigate, hide or coverup any crime or broken policy against that particular officer. If you're not liked or if there is a particular administrator that does not like you stand by. The slightest violation of policy or the law can be embellished, publicized and prosecuted with extreme prejudice. The officer can expect discipline that is disproportionate to the violation. Leaving an AR with his licensed security guard father-in-law does not justify termination.

  11. Mark Leszkiewicz

    If you get your job back like this moron did, then it's not being 'fired'…I am a fan of labor unions, yet realize they are their own worse enemies, this is a perfect example because I guarantee you, this was a union deal that got him reinstated so many times

  12. Roy AlderseBaes

    Somewhere, Donald Trump is rubbing one out.

  13. Sandra Brown Ryan

    NINE Times……and you're OUT! How STUPID is this Country?

  14. Donna DeMuro

    He's like a fricken cat. Nine times? They need to dump his a$$ and he shouldn't ever work in law enforcement again!

  15. Lee Salerno

    As I sit and read I have said to myself " How the f can people defend this clowns actions?" There is no justifying leaving a police issued AR-ANYTHING with anyone! Period! If you can defend leaving a AR-15 with your girlfriend's father…Does that mean he can leave his police issued glock-9 with him as well? what is the difference?

  16. Jason James Rubadeau

    He left his POLICE ASSAULT rifle unsecured, with a relative. This is a moronic comparison. I am a Nurse, If I screw up once, I am fired, and if it is bad enough, banished from the industry. 8 Times. This is why I do not like Public employee(only) Unions!. Private, yes. Public, No. And, bottom line, if you got fired for "Cracking Heads", you should not be a cop..period.

  17. Ed Romero

    I live in Orange County, Ca, I worked with this Deputy Probaton Officer that had been arrested 8 times for drunk driving, his ex-wife told me one day the only reason he was never fired (retired) was because he was an expert at making cases disappear for the Chief Probation Officer's wealthy friends in the OC GOP, we also had another Deputy Probation Officer that was arrested 5 times also for drunk driving and another one arrested 4 times for possession of Marijuana for sale, both supplied an Asst. Chief Probation with all the Marijuana she could smoke, which she did while on duty, flooding all 5 floors of the Probation Dept. with marijuana fumes, it must be nice to be White and a member of the Good Old Boys Club of the OC GOP.

  18. Anonymous

    You think Fox news is not real journalism, but you say this guy is a clown? Typical Democrap Liptard ass munch. And learn how to spell you imbecile.

  19. Duane Downs Sr.

    He must be one of Castros prisoners that was shipped here.

  20. Anonymous

    2nd amendment rights dude. The article states its an AR-15 not an M-16. Hope you know the difference and know the constitution.

  21. Anonymous

    Along with all the rest of the scumbags that call Dade County home.

  22. Terry Harper

    Since it's almost impossible for citizens to have access to bad/dirty cops records and accusations, it's no wonder so many get away with what they do! What should really scare most folks is that cops will always cover the asses of other cops no matter what, and that dangerous criminals like this cop still carry a deadly weapon, and have a license to kill with it and it will always be the word of the "valiant and honorable police" that will be taken over the "scum sucking criminal" that was just gunned down… even though no weapons were found and ten regular citizens give a different story of what happened!
    Welcome to the real world!

  23. Terry Harper

    Don Griffin -anyone who hates the truth and black presidents is good enough for faux…

  24. Terry Harper

    If faux news had done the story it would have been the POTUS fault, because he was born in Kenya and had practiced voodoo until he was old enough to go jihadi on all the poor canadians who faux wants to run for POTUS! LMMFAO!

  25. Terry Harper

    Correct, those who can enforce the law with violence are naturally above the law.. just the way it is in what is rapidly becoming a police society here in America..
    What has been the response lately to anyone demanding their civil rights from an armed police officer… some scary stuff going on these days..!

  26. Keith Hamner

    Bosque's attorney's argument, "It's allegations, not convictions," is a red herring and he knows it. Welcome to the world of labor arbitration, where the employee may be guilty as sin, but his discipline doesn't stick for any number of technicalities: the letter of the collective bargaining agreement was not followed (sometimes the noncompliance is so minor as to strain credibility), or the arbitrator just doesn't believe the punishment fits the offense (and few arbitrators are willing to inflict "capital punishment," e.g. firing, even in the most egregious cases). I'd be interested to see if any of Bosque's eight earlier arbitration opinions are published. Most arbitrators will always look for any and every reason to overturn or reduce punishment, but most also are very honest in publishing the true nature of the offenses. I wonder what we'd find?

  27. John Flores

    Wow, this guy sounds like an emotionally balanced, fair-minded, cop. I'd like for my sister to go out with a great guy like him.

  28. Anonymous

    Fire the LOSER! Take away his license to own/carry a gun, and any certifications he has in law enforcement before he seriously hurts an innocent person or kills someone! LOSER!

  29. Anonymous

    First, this officer was never "fired." He was brought before termination boards and arbitration's and none of the cities that brought him up for termination couldn't make their cases. No matter what he signs, his collective bargaining unit represents him and provides legal counsel if necessary. Being a retired police officer myself, the allegation must have it's basis on the fact that a violation of written policy or law occurred. Now, from what this article says, he left his issued AR-15 rifle with his girl friends father. If the weapon was secure, then he met the criteria. Now, I would ask why he didn't secure it in his locker or the departmental armory. If policy or law does not express or imply a specific policy they they have no case.

  30. Jan Jon Munkler

    Someone needs to get serious and stop dicking around with these bully thug police officers and this POS ASAP.If you been fired 8 times there is a reason.Fire him.Fire him Fire him.The LAPD and LASD at least fires these racist thug bully POS.How some of these people act is atrocious.And if they have a mental history take their guns away like your trying to do to responsible law abiding gun owners.

  31. Jeff Roddam

    Wow, it was a simple typo on a small article. So, he forgot a "d"? Let's string him up! Trolls; get a life.

  32. Jan Jon Munkler

    One more thing if they hire him back.Let street justice take care of this racist bully thug POS want to be a real cop.

  33. Michael Mesa

    my god when I saw this mans face picture the first thing that I saw in his face is "my way or no way" this man have evil all over his [her] face. This man looks like he is guilty of every crime mankind is aware of and not aware of as well. he must be in jail for surely one of his crimes he has committed in the past!!! {Lets do It} !!!

  34. Merlin Planer

    I'm sure the handcuffed guy deserved having his head cracked, Kids are in trouble because few adult parents discipline them and should be taught a lesson when need be. False reports? come on most cops do file them. Hiding drugs (not using them) to help get the slick bad guys off the street is common. Maybe his AR-15 was better locked up at his girlfriends fathers place? Don't trust him? Cops need more hot sand treatment for their stress on the Job. Try being one and see how easy it is. Give him a break and loosen up.

  35. Anonymous

    THis just shows that our system is not fair. And cops wonder why the general public distrusts them. Their day will come.

  36. Earl King

    I don't care for cops period 99 per cent won't say it but they are above the law.we do have a few good cops but they almost never get promoted etc. who did a psyche exam on this cop , or did he ever have one.this is puzzling to me.yes he may have gotten off all the other violations but that doesn't mean he is innocent , I think they are to bring in the feds and let them see if they can find enough evidence to get this guy some serious jail time.oh I am sorry to the Nazi grammar police out there if I made a few mistakes lol lol lol.

  37. Arthur French

    if this man cant follow the law he has no ability to enforce the law he should be fired several years ago in Glenolden pa police officer raped a woman and when she called 911 he came back ad did it again this officer has no respect for the people he is supposed to protect and to serve he is a true menace to society at least you know a crook is a crook now when the police are breaking the law THERE IS NO LAW. does justice for everyone or for just the rich and powerful or our government are any of them above the law REMEMBER 4 DEAD IN OHIO.

  38. Arthur French

    if this man cant follow the law he has no ability to enforce the law he should be fired several years ago in Glenolden pa police officer raped a woman and when she called 911 he came back ad did it again this officer has no respect for the people he is supposed to protect and to serve he is a true menace to society at least you know a crook is a crook now when the police are breaking the law THERE IS NO LAW. does justice for everyone or for just the rich and powerful or our government are any of them above the law REMEMBER 4 DEAD IN OHIO.

  39. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    This is the power of a union for you. How in good conscience could they defend an asshole like this? He gives good cops a bad name. As a 30 year veteran I've seen men fired for far less and this guy needs to be fired. He is a disgrace to the badge.

  40. Rachel Scott

    Sorry, but think ANYONE who can legally shoot me should be above reproach! If there is a history (and 3 times is enough) of disciplinary issues with a cop, he should be 'outta there'! NOT TO BE RE-HIRED! Police departments seem to be becoming almost para-military as it is without having to worry about questionable characters WHO COULD, GIVEN THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES, LEGALLY SHOOT YOU! Pretty good motivation to err on the side of caution for the general public's sake seems to me. Otherwise, begging for law suits not to mention other cops becoming targets due to questionable ones actions and interactions with the public…not everybody likes cops to begin with, so I'd worry about my other officer's safety if this guy was abusing people he dealt with in his professional capacity. I have a cousin who is a cop and I worry about her safety for this very reason. As far as the gun goes, kind of feel like that should be at the Department's discretion as to how the gun should have be handled. It is their property, after all, and could be a possible threat to the public if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Not like you are talking about letting your girlfriend's dad borrow the company computer, we're talking about an assault rifle and at a time when horrific crimes have been committed with just such weapons. Hearts are sore still from those events and this just comes off as a lackadaisical attitude given recent events, if not callous.

  41. Anonymous

    To say a coont like that proves you are a biased liberal and have no business in journalism. A journalist job is to report the news not make it. Moron that you are.

  42. Richard Theodore Bromley III

    Thomas vaught your a liberal retard !

  43. Brian Keith Price

    Why is he still a cop. My brother is a cop and this is just crazy. I know their are plenty of honest people that would love to be a cop. This is bullshit!

  44. Anonymous

    So basically, when there is an allegation, you get fired. Then after it's investigated and you're cleared, you get re-hired. Makes sense. <sarcasm>

  45. William H Wilson

    If this is a court case and not a police disiplanary action the previous firings should not even be allowed to be brought up as there were no convictions. The only thing that should be considered is "was the weapon properly secured or not".

  46. Margaret Kappel

    had a similar situation where I'm from. the police officer ended up killing someone. case still under investigation several years later. how do you keep getting employed after so many questionable situations? especially as a police officer.

  47. Anonymous

    If this guy was so God-awful, then why is he a SERGEANT? What does that say about the Opa-Locka Police Department?

  48. Anonymous

    yall gotta calm down. he forgot a d. there is a term for what he did, it's called a typo.

  49. Mookey Zulu

    He's the Lindsay Lohan of the Police Department! How many chances does it take? At this point I'd have to say he's got to be in bed with somebody who keeps looking the other way!

  50. Donny Vega

    This has nothing to do with the second amendment… no one is questioning his right to have the gun… just his intelligence for leaving a police issued anything with someone who is not a police officer… his intelligence isn't very high obviously since he's been fired eight times… anyone defending the stupidity of this guy isn't very bright themselves… i agree with lee on this one… just because her father is a licensed security guard doesn't make him qualified to handle or store police issued equipment… if he was he'd be a cop himself…

  51. Janice Crowe

    Has no one ever suffered from a simple typo? Relax people, why must you put others down for what looks to be a simple mistake?

  52. Anonymous

    Maybe he works for Huffington Puffington Post….

  53. Ethel Henry

    i agree with that must be something behide that if you no what i mean

  54. Don Venti

    Perhaps he should learn some new job skills such as "Welcome to Wal-Mart", "Can I super-size that for ya?", and "Are you going to finish that?"

  55. Bo Dunn

    If George W. Bush can get away with his attrocities against innocent people in Iraq then this cop should have no trouble at all. lol

  56. Charles Lee Allen

    Unions and their cohorts, supporters, and thugs, are anti-truth, anti-right, and perverted to allow scofflaws repeated attempts to harm their emplyer; in this case the people of Florida!

  57. Gail Nelson Lehmann

    I can not believe this What idiot police dept would hire him after being fired from another police dept. Real background check? People like him is why police have a bad name. FIRE HIM AND MAKE IT KNOWN HE SHOULD NOT BE HIRED AS A POLICE. Leaving a weapon like he had should have been locked up at all times if not in his custody. It is people like him that don't take a weapon like that seriously, kids can get to them, HE is irresponsible and from the other allegations a very bad cop.

  58. Richard Gonzales

    Yes thomas…all other news media are doing great sucking up to the left and reporting half truths or ignoring the whole story all together as long as it serves to help the current potus. Truth hurts and people like you don't like being slapped in the face with it. You being a journalist and your comments only solidify my comments here. Thank you for your loyal-opposition.

  59. Anonymous

    the fact that this officer has been accused over a litany of offenses certainly raises a red flag. if going on vacation, could he not secured his weapon with the department? leaving a department issued weapon in the hands of none department personnel is questionable at any level. Whether or not the offense warrants firing leaves questions. What we are not told is the department's securing weapons policy.

  60. Tommie Smith

    If circumstantial evidence is good enough to convict a person, then why not 8 firings. I doubt very seriously that he is being picked on.

  61. Anonymous

    bsm51360 ever hear of a typo? Even the most meticulous professional English writer has those from time to time. It is idiots like you that show the rest of us how pathetic your life must be for you to troll sites looking for a mistake so that you can swoop in and in fantastical fanfare declare yourself Captain Spell-O!! Defender of the almighty grammar police!! Get a freaking life, loser.

  62. Cameron Cotsonis

    ya'll act like yall have never had a typo, so ignorant, and u can complain about my grammar all u want cause its the internet I don't have to spell correctly or anything, this man is making way more sense than ya'll, its only cause its a cop position that this even made news, any other person fired that many times from any job would never work in that field again, except flippin burgers and digging ditches

  63. Cameron Cotsonis

    it all depends what the rules say, if I have a rulebook and I break a rule and it says u can be fired if u break this rule then how can u try and fight it if it clearly says what the possible consequences are

  64. Paul Martinez

    Law of a new Friendship and I will bea good friend of mine who is a very good at it and I am trying to help out with a few of your own choices are you going to work with the help of my friends and family members who are not dorks and I will be able to take advantage of this message.

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