Alexander Skarsgard and Onata Aprile

Interview: Alexander Skarsgard Talks ‘What Maisie Knew’ And ‘True Blood’ [Exclusive]

Alexander Skarsgard is arguably one of the most astonishingly handsome men the industry has to offer. Standing at a lean 6’4, he’s the perfect life-sized Ken doll, with his hair styled just so and his smile hanging in an affable manner. The minute he enters a room, it’s easy to see why the blue-eyed actor pulls viewers in to HBO’s True Blood week after week as alpha male Eric Northman. He quietly commands the attention of a room, and that’s certainly not something you can teach.

That said, being the image of True Blood and subsequently the central go-to guy for vampire-related fantasies, it would be a no-brainer for Skarsgard to lean on the status his good looks has brought him to flesh out a more predictable career. Luckily, Skarsgard has started to deviate from that path as he heads for material that lets the actor work from the bottom up on a character. It’s the same complex deconstructing his True Blood character goes through as the seasons pass.

In cinema, the search for those complex characters seems to be a never-ending and sometimes exhausting chase for Skarsgard. Last month he had the thriller Disconnect hit theaters, and later on in the month he’ll have The East opposite Brit Marling. In his latest film, What Maisie Knew, Skarsgard plays a clueless bartender, who stumbles into a father figure role after entering into a relationship with a rocker [Julianne Moore] who is too inept to balance her lifestyle with parenting her 6-year-old daughter Maisie. What Maisie Knew stays with its title character Maisie, as Skarsgard anchor’s her central journey. The story is more of a telling through the 6-year-old’s perspective of being tossed in the middle of a bitter parental battle. Through her relationship with Lincoln the film navigates the true meaning of family. For Skarsgard, it puts the actor in the position to play out a softer side of a character he doesn’t ordinarily get to play on True Blood, and the change is a welcomed one.

This time around The Inquisitr’s Niki Cruz sat down with Alexander and 7-year-old Onata Aprile to chat about his film What Maisie Knew, and True Blood.


THE INQUISITR: What are you drawing?

ONATA APRILE: It’s on the road of some crazy town.


THE INQUISITR: You and Onata had a great relationship in this movie. How did you two strike up that chemistry you have?

SKARSGARD: I had been attached [to the film] for four months. It was a role I hadn’t done before so it felt like an interesting challenge. I was excited about the project, especially with Julianne [Moore], she’s one of the greatest actresses we have. But it’s all about Maisie and it’s not easy finding a six or seven-year-old girl to carry a film like that. One day they called me and had a meeting with this young lady and sent me the tape. There was something very strong but vulnerable, and she had so much presence. We met up at David’ [Siegel]’s house and drew a castle. [To Onata] What were we doing that day, do you remember?

APRILE: We made a castle with a moat and then we cut out people and we made it so that they were standing up.

SKARSGARD: It was a big day, and a big moment, because I was very excited about this young girl, but I also felt like, “This is it.” It’s so much about the chemistry. You can’t fake that with someone that young. It’s got to be real. It took about three seconds and I said, “I think we’re good.”

Alexander Skarsgard