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Hotmail Is Officially Dead


Hotmail is officially dead.

Microsoft announced today that they have finished transferring all Hotmail accounts to its newer email system Outlook.

The SF Gate reports that Hotmail accounts will still be active, but the look and feel of the old system is officially dead.

Microsoft wrote in a blog post: “Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve completed upgrading all Hotmail customers to Coupled with the growing organic excitement for, this has pushed us to over 400 million active accounts, including 125 million that are accessing email, calendar and contacts on a mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync.”

Gigaom writes that Hotmail users will now be able to use all of the features of Outlook including new features like SkyDrive Integration, but that doesn’t mean that everyone considers the move an upgrade.

Outlook Group Product Manager Dick Craddock addressed the change, writing:

“Of course, whenever a widely-used consumer service makes any substantial change, there will always be some folks that don’t like it, and that shows up in the feedback, too. It’s gratifying in a sense because it means those customers loved the previous set of changes we made. With a communication service that is constantly evolving, we try to strike the right balance between bringing out major improvements and keeping true to what our customers love.”

Craddock tried to smooth some of the tensions by assuring Hotmail users that they wouldn’t have to change their email address, that they wouldn’t have to update mobile settings, and that Hotmail Plus users would still see the same benefits on

Are you surprised that Hotmail is officially dead? Are you a Hotmail user? Well, were you?

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18 Responses to “Hotmail Is Officially Dead”

  1. Meru Munyo Koeshna

    Micrsoft you poor poor stupid fuckers. hopefully you'll an all people making this switch to a newer 'easier' look will realize you're making a big dumb mistake, it's not easier to use it's hard on the eyes and it's about half fucking useless. this goes for your fuckin skype too. I am using skype but not for my" account. I hate it it's like using a little text box from a government phone. it's crap. needs to be skinnable the way we like it, custom icons, and many other options. like Plus! gave us for Msn. go to hell til you figure out you're FUCKING UP not making better.

  2. Anonymous

    GO GMAIL … MS thinks they are so big that they can monopolize and can dictate every computer user.

  3. Anonymous

    GO GMAIL … MS thinks they are so big that they can monopolize and can dictate every computer user.

  4. Reecie Carillo

    The same thing with GMAIL…they changed it too. I don't know what gozach is talking about.

  5. Reecie Carillo

    Not really! They changed too. It's horrible now!

  6. Emmanuel ED

    About time. The new interface is sure swift – maybe geared towards tablet and touch devices? It's still a great upgrade nonetheless.

  7. Emmanuel ED

    About time. Took a sneak peek and the new interface is great – maybe geared towards tablet and touch devices? It's still a great upgrade nonetheless.

  8. Chris Moers

    I think officially dead would would be domains would no longer work and it either be migrated to something else or just not work at all. It is just the site changed and no longer allows new emails addressed to hotmail. I think its stupid. I never used the hotmail for much anyways but find the new one just as annoying as the old.

  9. John E Rawkstaugh

    Too bad countless people, myself included, have lost irretrievable emails by the dozens and hundreds in this "switch" to Outlook. Absolutely furious because most of them were very sensitive and important documents.

  10. Keith King

    I didn't use my Hotmail address in years, but just last week I signed into my account and looked it over and cleaned it out. Hours after I cleaned it out I got a phone call from a family member saying my email send out a virus to everyone in the address book! That's hotmail (now outlook) for you! Good job. It just goes to show why I switched to Gmail years ago! So I went back into hotmail and deleted my account.

  11. Travis Nay

    gozach56 funny how "go Gmail" is the solution when Gmail is what now looks like, aesthetically.

  12. Al Maldonado

    I hate this OUTLOOK crap. I was a member of MSN, and I enjoy their messenger. But, now, these idiots sold messenger to Skype. I dislike Skype as well. You people behind the scences have lost their minds.