Adorable Sleepy Kid Tries To Eat Nuggets, Amusingly Fails [Video] 123456789

Adorable Sleepy Kid Tries To Eat Nuggets, Amusingly Fails [Video]

Zachary Kharchenko could just be the new David DeVore.

You probably recall David’s starring role in “David After Dentist,” the viral YouTube clip that saw the seven-year-old acting loopy after a hefty dose of dentist’s painkillers. “Is this real life?” pondered the youngster in the back seat of his car as an amused Dad chuckled from behind the camera. “WHY is this happening to me?”

Zachary’s video, which first appeared on Wednesday’s Good Morning America, has a similar adorable, aren’t-kids-funny vibe. Filmed aboard a flight from Cancun to Baltimore, the toddler is seen fighting back sleep as he attempts to eat a chicken nugget.

After appearing relatively energetic at the start of the video, Zachary quickly begins to fade in his gigantic first class seat, letting his eyes droop as a nugget falls out of his tiny hand.

Not willing to be defeated, the tot retrieves the nugget and sleepily raises it to his mouth for another bite.

The nugget hovers by his open mouth for the best part part of twenty seconds before Zach manages to clamp down.

But it’s too late. Sleep has won, as it always does, and Zach’s head slumps to the side, the nugget still hanging forlornly from his mouth.

Tasty chicken nugget good. But sleep also good. We’ve been there, Zach.