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Don’t Panic: PlayStation Network Down

playstation network down

The growing popularity of the PS3 hasn’t gone unnoticed today with downtime causing users to hit Twitter.

PlayStation Network down messages complained of little notice from Sony on the downtime, and there are some suggestions from users that the network has been deleting trophies.

At this stage all we have to go on is a message of the official PS3 blog noting that the network is down for maintenance “for 60 minutes,” although oddly the message doesn’t suggest when this period started or is scheduled to end. (UPDATE: see end)

Some PlayStation Network users on Twitter are suggesting that the maintenance message is a cover-up for the network being down without warning.

At the time of writing, I can contact the network from Australia, so it might just be affecting the US servers.

Look on the bright side though (if you’re a PS3 user like I am:) it’s not as though the PlayStation Network is down nearly as regularly as the XBox Live service is :-)

UPDATE: maybe the conspiracy theories might be right: the network status blog is down now as well,although it might just be people hitting it for news.

Sony has also posted to the PlayStation Twitter account that “We’re aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we’re looking into it. Stay tuned for updates.”

More when we have it.

Update 2: problems are still ongoing as at 6:30pm PST (1:30pm AEDT.) Also I can’t connect from Australia so it’s widespread. No new update from Sony as yet on the issue.

Update 3: latest from Sony, PS3 slim units are connecting, and I can connect here from Australia on a slim as at 9pm PST (4pm AEDT). Wondering why the connection issues might be with old PS3’s though?

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17 Responses to “Don’t Panic: PlayStation Network Down”

  1. John E. Bredehoft

    Obviously the Playstation Network is dead. It’s a ghost town. Heh. Alert @parislemon.

  2. JR

    It deleted my RE5 trophies when I tried to load up the game and got an error saying it couldn’t install the trophies (even though I’ve been playing the game since it came out). I’m assuming they’ll be reinstalled when I can play the game again…

  3. Martin Felter

    Here in Maryland i tried playing two games offline and it deleted my trophies for those games, and also online is not working

  4. Lol

    It’s like a whole systems lockdown. You can’t even play a game from the disc because it cannot load the trophies so the game has to quit. And even a couple of my downloaded games won’t play, it says an error occurred in startup.

  5. Lol

    actually the downloaded games only work as demos, so i guess the ones i downloaded as a demo first work just as a demo, so it wont validate the actual full game key. Though most recent full downloads turn it in to a demo first anyways. :

  6. gunit420420

    So does anyone know when the network will be back or what because this fucked up man

  7. Anonymous

    The problem is within the PS3 unit, not PSN. My PS3 was not connected to the internet for the past 3 days and I was playing Darksiders fine till 3pm ET today. Then around 9pm ET I turned on my PS3 again to play Darksiders again and I got the ‘trophy error message’. I checked my trophies section and all my Darksiders trophies are gone. If this was a PSN issue how could I be affected by this if my PS3 was not even online for the past 3 days? I have phat PS3 btw.

  8. Anonymous

    lol x box live service is never down so get your facts straight…..i just got my ps3 today just to be greeted with not being able to play any of the games i just bought i have owned a xbox for over 3 years and never had a problem like this i guess with live you get what you pay for and thats why its never down

  9. Anonymous

    Having owned both consoles for ages I do prefer PSN over Live – shame it’s crashed. Here in the UK it’s the same story and it appears to have stripped a whole bunch of DLC off my old PS3.

    And to the blatant troll above. XBL?… have you ever actually played on it? It’s taken down regularly for “system updates”.. perhaps you’ve never noticed this.

  10. Anonymous

    The Playstation Network is encountering an unplanned outage that is affecting certain PS3 owners around the world. Those trying to sign in encounter the error code 8001050F, and are unable to sign in, play games, use dynamic themes, view/sync trophies, and so forth. The strange part is the problem only resides within the 1st through 3rd generation glossy PS3 units while the PS3 Slim is completely unaffected. I turned on my 3rd generation 40GB PS3 and noticed that my time was reset to 12/31/1999 and I was unable to sign in to the PSN.

    Sony has confirmed there is an issue, and as of publish they have essentially stated that “We’re narrowing down the issue and continue to work to restore service to all.”

    The going theory is that the PS3 is storing some form of date in GMT, then modifying that to get whatever you see in the on-screen clock. That modification process seems to be fine; the system can take 2/28/2010, 9PM GMT, add four hours, and get 3/1/2010, 1AM random time zone.

    What’s apparently wrong, as speculation goes, is when the internal GMT-tracking rolls over to 3/1. It’s either not rolling, or rolling to 2/29, at which point a system tries to add/subtract from 2/29, which it can’t do because the front-end calendar doesn’t have a 2/29/2010. Everything started to collapse around 4PM PDT, which I think is 12AM GMT.

    And the PS3 launched in 2006; it’s hit four 2/28s so far. 2007 and 2009 were odd-numbered years; 2008 was an even, and a leap year. 2010 is the first even non-leap-year the system’s been around for. If some sort of base-level math is choking on itself, it may have ruled out the odd 2007 and 2009 successfully, but is convinced the even 2010 is a leap year (this part I’m less sure of, but is why leap year could theoretically come into play at some point).

    Fortunately for most of you experiencing this issue, the save data, games, DLC, themes are okay. There are reports that some have lost data, but I haven’t seen anything consistent. It’s not clear if unsynced trophies will be saved.

  11. rjt22198

    i cant play mw2 what the heck is going on its the worst thing ever to happen i just hope we do not end up like xbox i just want to make this clear I HATE XBOX

  12. Guest

    So to the writer of this “are you serious”. I am a frequent player of online of both PSN and Xbox Live. To quote you “it’s not as though the PlayStation Network is down nearly as regularly as the Xbox Live service is.” is a load of bull. I hold no bias towards either system but if you are going to write an article of any time you should state facts.

    The PSN is well known to have longer matchmaking times, higher rates of lag and is overall not as fluid of a system as Xbox Live. That’s what you get from the service being free. I won’t knock that the fact that PSN is free is awesome but I would gladly throw a few bucks their way to not have any issue like what happened when COD MW2 launched. There is no reason a new game coming out should crash a network.

    Basically what I’m saying is that this is the first and last time I will look at your site. I am far beyond being able to tolerate Xbox and PS fanboys/girls. Each system (even the dreaded Wii) has its high points as well as it crappy sides, but don’t show your blatant bias if you want to consider yourself a writer.

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