Peeping toms fall through Georgia movie theater restroom ceiling

Alleged Peeping Toms Fall Through Movie Theater Bathroom Ceiling

Duluth, GA – In perhaps giving a new definition to crashing at the box office, two alleged peeping toms fell through the ceiling of the women’s restroom at a movie theater on Sunday evening.

Apparently the two male suspects were looking for a better show that what was being projected on the screen at the Venture Value Cinema in Duluth.

“According to arrest warrants, the manager said he thinks the men went up through the men’s restroom, crawled over to the women’s and then fell through landing directly inside the stalls. An officer wrote that the men were ‘invading the privacy’ of various customers.”

The two alleged plumbing spies apparently landed in the women’s stalls. It is unknown how long they spent in the ceiling.

Gwinnett County (Georgia) Police charged the men with a peeping tom offense and criminal damage to property. They both subsequently bonded out of jail.

Georgia Code section 16-11-61 states as follows:

“It shall be unlawful for any person to be a ‘peeping Tom’ on or about the premises of another or to go about or upon the premises of another for the purpose of becoming a ‘peeping Tom.'” The law defines “peeping Tom” as someone “who peeps through windows or doors, or other like places, on or about the premises of another for the purpose of spying upon or invading the privacy of the persons spied upon and the doing of any other acts of a similar nature which invade the privacy of such persons.”

The term itself evidently derives from the legend of Lady Godiva’s nude ride through Coventry, England. Godiva told the townspeople to stay indoors with their shutters closed during her escapade. Everyone complied except for Tom the tailor, who couldn’t help himself, and drilled a hole in his shutters to check out the action.

Does this incident in the Georgia movie theater sound like it it could part of the plot for the sequel to Dumb and Dumber or another slapstick movie comedy?

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