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Wife Who Cut Off Husband’s Penis Found Guilty, Faces Life Imprisonment

Wife Who Cut Off Husband's Penis Found Guilty, Faces Life Imprisonment 45678

A woman who cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in the garbage disposal was convicted Monday.

Fifty-year-old Catherine Kieu faces life imprisonment after jurors found her guilty of torture and aggravated mayhem for the July 2011 attack.

Kieu drugged her husband’s tofu before chopping off his penis and leaving the organ in a garbage disposal unit. The penis was mangled beyond repair. The 60-year-old victim testified that his penis could not be reattached and that he felt as though he had been murdered.

Sentencing of Kieu will take place June 28. The Orange County district attorney’s office confirmed Kieu will face a maximum sentence of life in prison but with a possibility of parole.

Speaking after the verdict, Deputy District Attorney John Christl told reporters:

“This woman went to extreme lengths to destroy this man’s manhood by placing it in the garbage disposal. She did this out of vengeance, vanity and jealousy.”

Kieu, who used a 10-inch kitchen knife in the attack, was said to be angry about her husband’s intentions to divorce her. Her husband had begun to see his ex-girlfriend again, confirmed the prosecution.

Kieu and the victim, who has remained anonymous throughout the case, married after meeting at a gym. Public defender Frank Bittar argued that Kieu had been sujected to verbal and sexual abuse during the marriage.

Bittar added that Kieu had a history of mental health problems that could be traced back to her childhood in Vietnam. Molestation and other traumatic experiences in the war-torn country had exacerbated the problems, argued Bittar. Prosectuing attorney Christl dismissed the argument:

“I think the jury was able to see through the evidence. There were no facts or evidence presented other than the defendant’s own statements to her doctor about sexual abuse.”

Kieu’s case recalls the 1994 trial of Lorena Bobbit, who was charged with severing the penis of then-husband John Wayne Bobbit. Lorena was found not guilty due to insanity causing an irresistible impulse to sexually wound her husband. She was instructed by a judge to undergo a 45-day evaluation period at Central State Hospital and was later released.

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15 Responses to “Wife Who Cut Off Husband’s Penis Found Guilty, Faces Life Imprisonment”

  1. John Jonas

    …and that's the attitude that keeps this misandrist attitude in the collective unconscious. If a woman got her breasts chopped off by her husband, after she was drugged and left to bleed to death, do you think any of the comments in here would be a one liner from a woman saying "yeeesh, that makes me wince just reading it" or something with that same tone? NO. Let's all stop pretending chopping off a man's penis is anything but the act of a disgusting deranged murderer.

  2. Anonymous

    Let's see if Sharon Osbourne laughs about this.

  3. Leon Zhou

    John Jonas "…chopping off a man's penis is anything but the act of a disgusting deranged murderer."……..maybe thats why it hurts just to talk about it….derPity derp derp.

  4. Joshua Deer

    Life in prison.

    Nice, good day for justice! Hey, someone should contact our broski here and tell him to get a xenografting. He could go from regular, average guy to hung like a horse. Literally. And that's … not a bad thing!

  5. Zhenya Okun

    higher pitched voices have to do with the testicles, not the penis, and even then that's due to blunt force trauma to the area OR castration before the onset of puberty. ~facts~

  6. Nathan Jensen

    Oh shut up already. Genitalia is extremely sensitive, I don't think anyone would like to have theirs lopped off. You're the type of person RUINING the world we live in and I hope you die in a fire.

  7. Scotty Crisman

    Id be happy she was free so i could carry out my own revenge. Id get medieval on that bitch.

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