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Teacher And 13-Year-Old Female Student Brawl In Oakland Classroom [Video]

Oakland 13 year old fights teacher in classroom

Oakland, CA – A male substitute teacher and an eighth grader got into a punching-and-kicking brawl in an Alliance Academy classroom.

As usual, the episode was captured on cell phone video and posted to the internet.

The situation in the middle school got out of control as the substitute tried to kick the female student of the class. He told her “Get your butt out of here” and tried to shut the door of the room. When they started fighting, the teacher — perhaps naively by today’s low standards — told the girl “you don’t hit a teacher.” He is also shown picking up a desk to defend himself against her. The student seems to be saying “you hit me first” although the audio isn’t completely clear.

Alliance Academy, which has a constant turnover in its teaching staff, evidently has a lot of problems. “Since the beginning of the school year, the Oakland Unified School District has expelled five students from Alliance Academy and police have responded to the campus at least 13 times. The district admitted Thursday that is a high number for the small campus, which has around 360 children ages 10-13.” Students allegedly use drugs and alcohol openly, and fights are commonplace.

A school district spokesperson blamed the lack of stability at the school on the high teacher turnover rate which results in students acting out and behaving in a disrespectful manner. Additional administrators have been sent into the troubled school along with one additional security guard. In other words, the Unified School District appears to lack unity.

Earlier this month, police arrested a student who attends the school in connection with the fatal shooting of an off-duty paramedic.

The substitute teacher shown in the video (see embed below) was not disciplined. The student reportedly no longer attends Alliance Academy.

In Stockton, California, a female student and a female teacher recently got into a violent scuffle over confiscated makeup and a cell phone, with the footage uploaded to Facebook.

According to FBI statistics, Oakland is the fourth most dangerous city in America.

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79 Responses to “Teacher And 13-Year-Old Female Student Brawl In Oakland Classroom [Video]”

  1. Cindy Montville

    Sounded to me like when the teacher stepped out the door, he was ambushed by the 2nd person and after that all he was trying to do was defend himself by getting the two of them out of his classroom.

  2. Heather Johnson

    I think those students are out of control. They should lose their privilege to learn. Why should tax-payers support children like these? They should learn that other people are paying into the educations they choose to squander.

  3. Angie Dunn

    There is little to no respect for teachers these days. That "child" should be arrested and tried as an adult.

  4. Patricia Matthews Sheene

    Looks like she was pushing the buttons first and these days I think it is scary to be a teacher man or woman…kids are not so kid like these days…..maybe they should have camera's in all class rooms so things like this can be taped……teaching is a dangerous job and teachers are not paid enough as it is.

  5. Lori G Desirey

    Obviously getting arrested doesnt mean shit to this young lady. Its to bad she has such low esteam & severe lack of self respect. Hopefully she'll grow up somday and relize what she's done.

  6. Ruthie Lebo

    Many children these days are not taught respect. So a teacher saying " You don't hit a teacher" has no meaning to them. I would be afraid to be a teacher these days. There is no discipline allowed without fear of being fired or sued. Lots of times the parents stand up for their kids against any authority, even if the child is wrong. What does that teach the child? They can, and will try to get away with most anything!

  7. Ameedah Taylor

    This is insane! I hope she gets arrested. That school needs to send a message that if you attack a teacher it won't be tolerated.

  8. Terri Younkin-Jenkins

    It's a good thing that is not my child! I would have kicked her butt!

  9. Nora Davis Koonce

    The student is wrong, you do not hit a teacher. The student needs to learn old fashioned respect. I'm so proud I was taught it. Students are out of control and don't know how to handle their hormonal imbalances.

  10. Doris Storlien

    NO I DON'T THINK THE TEACHER SHOULD BE FIRED. AND NOT ONLY SHOULD THE STUDENT BE EXPELLED, BUT SO SHOULD THE ONE THAT TOOK THE PICTURES WITH THE CELL PHONE. When I was in school, the teacher had the same rights as a parent to discipline a student. I think it should still be that way, even today.

  11. Linda Walton Lambert

    No amount of money would make me work at this school. sounds like most of the kids already belong in the prison system.

  12. Lynette Russer

    And you wonder why there are so many people on welfare…Dropping out of school and then blaming everyone else but ther own selves. She should of been arrested and the teacher had every right to defend himself!

  13. Jessie Radford

    That isn't a child that's a grown woman O.O No he shouldn't get in trouble. They have no respect for their teachers and you hear the rest of the kids laughing and egging it on schools aren't safe for anyone these days.

  14. Teri Wilson

    I know, I know, I know, returning violence with violence is not the answer. However I would have loved to have seen her get a punch to the forehead or the throat.

  15. Linda Powell Mills

    I teach 7th grade in a very low income area. I am scared to death one of my kids is going to flip on me one day. They have 0 respect and parents (or lack there of) don't want any parts of it unless the child cries that the teachers done something wrong.

  16. Kathy Holmes

    Students can be aggressive while instructors are criticize for their inability to stabilize a hysterical hormone driven teenager. Her behavior was unacceptable personally she should have been expelled .

  17. Connie Daniels

    the teacher was only defending himself, if you listen the girl said "he hit me back"…sounded like she was African and I know a lot of Africans, if a student would have done that the teacher would have been outside whoppin a**, they do not tolerate that stuff and the parents whoop your butt when you get home too.

  18. G Allen Mack

    I don't agree the teen should be arrested. I do feel the substitute teacher provoked her. Putting teens in jail for behavioral issues isn't the answer. I would suggest in school suspension with in school community service (cafeteria work, janitorial work, etc). As for the substitute teacher, he should be disciplined for using force and touching a student. But, he should also be required to undergo sensitivity training. Black children react to white people differently and so do Asian, and Hispanic youths. It may not be entirely disrespect but cultural differences. I just don't think arresting someone is the answer. At least not in this case.

  19. Patricia Hakinson Meyer

    Kids are out of control because our law keeps the parents from disciplining their kids or it's child abuse. The child should get charged and the parents and law held accountable as well.

  20. Peggy Jakopak

    Parents seem to be blind when it comes to their child and it starts at a very early age. First graders are running schools. The teachers aren't allowed to do much more than say "I'm disappointed in you." They try to talk to the parents and the parents flatly deny that their child would ever do anything like that. If it starts in first grade, is there any wonder that by the time they reach middle school the children are out of control? Frankly, with the history that that school has (teacher turnover and children's behavior) the only subs they should get in there should be off duty police officers. At least they know what to do when faced with a life threatening situation.

  21. Jesse Shannon

    That is exactly why teaching was not for me. Crappy parents can't teach their idiot kids how to behave. Teachers have their hands tied against these ridiculous little heathens. Back in my school days, that obnoxious little cow would have gotten punished. But OH MY GOD we might hurt her precious little feelings.

  22. Randy Morris

    You can't hear anything due to the all the prudish bleeping. Come on, Inquisitr….stop being a censor.

  23. Anne Wright

    Are you people all blind? This "teacher" is not teaching. First of all, why is he swearing at a student? Does he have no control? Second of all, why did he step out of the classroom? Shut the door while she is out in the hallway and be done. I agree that there is little to no respect for teachers these days, and some parents are to blame, as well as society in general. We sit back and laugh about these videos, or we get angry, but what do we do to make school and learning important? Schools have become glorified babysitting services while mommy and daddy go work to make the almighty dollar, and who does that leave to raise our children? Give our teachers some power of authority, and work with the schools to make them safe for everyone. And teach your children to question authority, not bash it's head in!

  24. Michelle Marolda-Parvana

    That's a big 13 year old girl! They blame the students disrespect due to high teacher turnover? How about lack of parenting!

  25. Denise Malone

    Oh yes blame the teachers not the patents. These kind of people should not be allowed to have children. They don't want to be patents and expect the teachers to put up with the BS! I don't get it.

  26. Jon Shannon Stjohn

    it is insaine that our contry exspects to have respectful children when you cant even punish them need a good ole ass whipping at home and a good bar of soap in that trashy mouth sure would help to throw her out send her to reform school and for heaven sakes dont alow her to set on her ass and draw a check when she gets a bit older just because she wont work and blames it on i have no education or just because she starts spitting babys out left and rite cause she looking for a baby daddy to pay her damn way hopefully something can be done

  27. Tom M. Somers


  28. Monica Coot

    oh yes… I hear that too…..she said that .. "He hit me back" …. 😛

  29. Lisa Tomlin

    You can hear the girl on the tape going, "He hit me back" So she is admitting to hitting first and then the teacher hit back. She needs to be arrested and charged.

  30. Merry Ragni

    Alliance Academy, which has a constant turnover in its teaching staff, evidently has a lot of problems. “Since the beginning of the school year, the Oakland Unified School District has expelled five students from Alliance Academy and police have responded to the campus at least 13 times. The district admitted Thursday that is a high number for the small campus, which has around 360 children ages 10-13.” Students allegedly use drugs and alcohol openly, and fights are commonplace.

    360 students between the ages of 10 and 13? I'm surprised they can get any adult to enter this school, let alone attempt to teach these animals!

  31. Karen Castlevetro-Whitelaw

    You definately are NOT a teacher, or will ever be!! Have you ever been in an inner city classroom of 28 seventh or eighth graders who have not been fed breakfast abd have been up all night because their parents have been drinking or on drugs and physically fighting?? Or they coime into class crying because they have been sleeping on the floor due to gun shots?? Or perhaaps that day they come in crying they h

  32. Karen Castlevetro-Whitelaw

    cont. or perhaps they were sexually abused and have no one to go to?? I do not know who is sitting back and laughing at these videos. Most of the educators I know cry when they see these things. They do all they can to help!! Thousands of dollars are spent from each teacher to make these kids happy just for a moment or a day

  33. Gwendolyn Walker

    I don't think he should be fired.he was trying hard not to strike her back..but she was just a little to out of control,, she should be expelled…..

  34. Charlotte Berkbigler Davis

    Agreed! There is no excuse for this student's behavior!

  35. Jon Shannon Stjohn

    yes mam its got to where some of these kids are just plain and simple not fit for society and by there own actions prove that the only place they can interact is in prisons with the rest of the thugs and they can all seem like there something to each other and let the decent people go on with there lives without subjecting our children to those want to be bad asses

  36. Chuck Taft

    mayb it is because American parents suck at their most important job: being a parent. it is the parents fault that bullying is on the rise and teens are committing suicide. if u don't take time for ur kid, ur kid will become a monster. that teacher should be fired, no matter what u should never strike a child.

  37. Anonymous

    As you might guess, it was either a neegear or a greezer.

  38. Rose Blankenship

    Chuck…you are insane…I am an adult and if a 12 year old attacked me……I would beat the hell out of them like their parent's should have and then I would do the same to the parents of this brat…….In today's society……..8 year old pack guns and will kill you………….

  39. Rose Blankenship

    Ok……now that I have watched the video………..yes, he should have beat her fkn ass like he could have.

  40. Lew Atkinson

    Sorry, Roy, but he was obviously defending himself. The article talks about how bad those kids are. He was trying to get her out and was refusing. I don't believe that teachers can't hit students…in defense. I wish he would've been more confident, instead of his obvious fearful demeanor, and ripped her head off.

  41. Nicki Fitzgerald

    This kid is a disgrace to everyone her parents sure taught her well. Kids these days needs their butts kicked. We need to go back to the days where you disrespected an elder you got your butt whipped. If I would have talked back to an adult I would have gotten slapped that's why I never did it I was taught to respect others and yourself. Parents are to busy being friends with their kids and not parenting their kids. The parents should go to jail along with the bratty ass kid they raised

  42. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Chuck Taft You need to become a teacher and go to work in that school. Let some kid hit and kick you and see how long you bend over and take it. Oh wait……… are neither parent or teacher……just a loser with a computer.

  43. Nancy Bridges

    No what she needs is her b*** whipped properly kids these days have no respect for adults and the kids in Oakland oh my god I dread summertime in Oakland

  44. Elizabeth Walid Bahnasi

    oh wow girl This is why i am homeschooling raouf starting at age 3

  45. DeeDee Thomas

    I don't think the teacher should be fired! He was defending himself! Now that student need some time in Pelican Bay….then she will learn the true meaning of a "bad b@%*#!

  46. Roy Atkinson

    I agree, but he kicked her before any other physical contact was made therefore he escalated the violence. And A teacher in that situation should be able to take the high road and go to the office first and have her removed from the classroom. Maybe had she thrown the first punch it is different but he kicked her first.

  47. Kerrie Fadala

    Unfortunately this happens in our elementary schools too. Not the teacher saying those kind of words, but the students saying those things along with hitting, kicking, striking teachers with objects, threatening that they are going to kill you and your family etc. As elementary teachers we are to get our students out of the classroom best we can and try to de-escalate the situation. We are NOT allowed to restrain a student and have to allow the hitting, biting, pulling of hair, hearing the bad words, etc.. until help arrives. It is amazing the disrespect children have for adults now days.

  48. Ramera Since

    That is one big 13 year old. What the heck are the kids being fed these days?

    If my mother saw me act this way to a teacher (especially on camer) I'd probably never live to see another day(figuratively of course).

  49. Thomas Rizzo

    Lurching and growling like an animal. She came at HIM, NOT the other way around. Why even ask if the "TEACHER" should be fired. The more fitting to ask is, "Will her suspension be temporary or permanent"?

  50. Ted Brill

    send all the teachers that are child molisters to teach there and build a wall around it and send bisard there he can get drunk and run over everybody.

  51. Tina Valentin


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