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$40 Million And No Heirs: New York State May Claim Man’s Fortune

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What do you do when you have $40 million and no heirs? New York State will soon find out as they determine what to do with Roman Blum’s unclaimed fortune.

Blum, a holocaust survivor, passed away in January 2012 at the age of 97. Blum has no living relatives and no heirs to claim his $40 million fortune. According to Forbes, if no one steps forward within the next three years, all of his money will go to the state of New York.

Paul Skurka, a friend of Blum’s, said: “He was a very smart man but he died like an idiot.”

The NY Times reports that Blum doesn’t have any surviving relatives. His wife passed away in 1992, and he didn’t have any children. Blum also failed to make a will before he died. Blum may have wanted his money to go to a certain charity or to a group of friends, but, if there is no will, there is no legal way to give away the money.

Gary D. Gotlin, the public administrator working on Blum’s case, has already sold the man’s home and auctioned off his jewelry, furniture, and other assets. Gotlin has also hired a genealogist in an attempt to track down a relative. If Gotlin is not successful, the money will end up going to the state of New York.

Without a will, the state has to determine how to disperse of a person’s estate. Typically, the money would go to the person’s first spouse. If the spouse has passed away, the money then goes to the children, parents, or siblings of the deceased. In the case of Mr. Blum, the state doesn’t have anyone to give the money to.

Blum, a real estate developer, was urged by his accountant to make a will before he passed away, but, by the time Blum agreed to sit down and talk about his fortune, it was too late.

Mason D. Corn said, “I spoke to Roman many times before he passed away, and he knew what to do, how to name beneficiaries … Two weeks before he died, I had finally gotten him to sit down. He saw the end was coming. He was becoming mentally feeble. We agreed. I had to go away, and so he told me, ‘O.K., when you come back I will do it.’ But by then it was too late. We came this close, but we missed the boat.”

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69 Responses to “$40 Million And No Heirs: New York State May Claim Man’s Fortune”

  1. Anonymous

    I'm sure ALL of the corrupt (n)azi politicians in New York state, and ALL the corrupt (n)azi politicians in Washington D.C., which means every last one of them, will all be standing in line with pockets wide open, to collect their share, while telling WE THE PEOPLE that we can't have any of it.

    Don't forget to add that to the list of what you can't have, including Air Shows, a properly-staffed FAA, tours of OUR White House, Border Security, and so many other things to list here, I would fill all of cyber space with it if I continue.

  2. Nichole Arno

    No one to give the money "too"? Or "to"? Someone needs an English lesson.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe he was a huge LIBERAL and wanted to leave his 40 million to those idiots in NY?

  4. Gloria Hwang

    give it to a jewish community that will help others , not only jews but New Yorkers.

  5. Gaby Hinojoza

    I love your idea! Pay back the money borrowed from Social Security! We contribute so much to it out of our pay checks and may not see a dime by the time we or our children retire because of the money that has been borrowed and never paid back.

  6. Ramona Bryans

    Let the church open its coffers and feed their poor!

  7. Angela Tatham Dent

    Might want to know how to spell your "uncle's" name first! LOL It's Blum not Bloom

  8. Kent Bell

    I am not greedy but I could sure use some help. Fighting cancer and as most of you know, it is not cheap. Hell, if I had $25,000, I would be happy as hell. Fat chance of that happening. IRS and New York State will take most if not all of this estate.

  9. Sharon Rose

    I'm sure a lot of people affected by Sandy could use some help as well as food banks, homeless shelters and animal shelters. Use your head on this one New York….Be kind to your own, and don't let it pad the pockets of the government!

  10. Audrey Stricker

    Families of Military Who have been severely injured and died. Help their children–they gave for us.

  11. Saffareene Gray

    They should put itinto the holucost fund for redistribution!

  12. Anonymous

    How can that man auction off his things, when they haven't settled on the fact of whether there is any remaining relatives? If it turns out that there is no one.I think it should be applied to this countries debt.But the leaks also need to be plugged in our government misspending our money as it is.The government needs to listen to their own country/people.Their making a big mess! It's a scary time that we're in!

  13. Jim Thompson

    There are many people who don't have enough to eat. What about giving the money to St Judes Hospital, the hospital is in NY correct? Just think of the young children you may save, and the relief of some of the parents who are going through the nightmare of their little child going through cancer! The state will most likely waste the money? Just saying.

  14. Shaniqua Librasdoitbetter Perry-Moton

    Holy cow! My favorite uncle died and no one contacted me? Gary, I was only a phone call away. I'm so sad right now ;).

  15. Anonymous

    I certainly wouldn't give it to the Federal Government even if it was designated to all go to Social Security because the Feds have already stolen our Social Security money. Can you imagine giving them 40 million more dollars. Talk about the thieves coming back from vacations…..they'd bust their "a$$e$$" getting back so they could "steal" their part of it.

  16. Kaarin Knighten-el

    There are so many animal shelters in need. Also children in need! A fund should be set up to benefit both! Then you can build on it and maybe others can join in and help the causes! KEEP IT OUT OF GOVERNMENT HANDS.

  17. Anonymous

    I have the BEST idea for it. Give it to the people of New York & New Jersey—those who were effected by the SANDY HURRI. they sure aren't getting the help they need and we all know that they could use it. I live in the south and yes it would be nice just to have 1 million to have and not be pressured with living paycheck to paycheck. Many of these people LOST EVERYTHING—give it to them!

  18. Melissa Dinger

    thetruth6311 I think they meant both places…for homeless people AND for homeless animals!

  19. Joe Chute

    That is the name he told us to call him , it was a pet name… waiting for my third still yes Harvey you get a third also

  20. Jan Bobeck

    There are close to 880,000 veterans waiting for a disability rating form the Department of veterans affairs.. Could not the state of NY. Give the money to veterans from NY state who have been waiting as long as 2 yrs to hear from the VA.. a Lot of the folks are destitute handing on by a string. it may not be that much, but, a a piece of pie is better than No PIE, also this man survived The camps? American G.I's liberated those folks.

  21. Anonymous

    the money will find needs to fill ,, it's only NEWS ,, bcos they DON'T want you an yo an u ,, to make the same error!

  22. Joe Chute

    The state `will spend $50 million in a study to figure out what to do with the $40 million

  23. Shaniqua Librasdoitbetter Perry-Moton

    Hey cousin Cordelia and cousin Kim!! Did anyone contact yall about ole Uncle Blum? I'm really distraught at the moment. It's not even about the money 😉

  24. Sanford Grimmett

    The idiots they call Lawyers should be disbarred. How could you let a 97 year old with 40 Million, " well I'll swing by one of these days and we will get that will thing taken care of, no big rush I heard some people may start living to be 3-400 yrs old. I read it on the internet so it must be true!" what idiots, of course NY is probably charging the estate $500,000.00 a day for some holding fee or something. I hope the azzzzzzclown lawyers end up in a prison cell.

  25. Beth Ingram-fountain

    I wish I had only like 100,000 of it I would be so happy lol, the rest should be givin to the homeless, St. Judes in Mem. Tenn my buddy is a singer there and doe's concert's to help benifit them all the time… Wonderful he had so much money to bad he died lonely!

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