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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Behind Steel Door In Federal Prison

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Behind Steel Door

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now behind a steel door, tucked away in a small prison cell close to 40 miles from where police say he and his older brother planted bombs at the Boston Marathon.

After recovering in a Boston hospital this week from injuries he suffered in a standoff with police, Tsarnaev has been transferred to a federal medical detention center, where he is behind a steel door in a secured room.

Federal Medical Center Devens spokesman John Collauti said the 19-year-old bombing suspect is being kept under close supervision. Tsarnaev is behind a steel door that has only a small observation window and a slot for passing through food or medication.

Inmates in the portion of the prison where Tsarnaev is being held have fewer privilege, including no access to television or radio. Dzhokhar is allowed to read books and other written material, prison officials said.

“Really this type of facility is fully capable of handling him and it’s not that much of an inconvenience because it’s more or less business as usual,” Collauti said.

Dzhokhar was captured last Friday night in Watertown, not far from the site of the Boston Marathon bombing that claimed the lives of three people and left more than 180 injured. Police say he and his 26-year-old brother Tamerlan left makeshift bombs created from pressure cookers and laced with shrapnel near the finish line of the race.

Police caught up with the brothers later in the week after they allegedly shot and killed Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier. A rolling gunbattle then followed through the streets of Watertown that left Tamerlan dead and Dzhokhar missing. He was found the next day hiding inside a boat in a residential neighborhood.

As court proceedings for the accused terrorist begin, there are still unanswered questions about how the brothers perpetrated the bombings. Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, a member of the Homeland Security Committee, said he’s not convinced that they worked alone to create and package their arsenal of improvised explosives.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily just two kids who watched some YouTube videos and went awry and decided to do this mayhem,” Chaffetz said on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program. “No, I worry that they were radicalized in a way that others may have also been radicalized.”

Tsarnaev will next leave his steel door on May 30, when a magistrate has scheduled his next court appearance.

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36 Responses to “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Behind Steel Door In Federal Prison”

  1. Anonymous

    So the people that he maimed have mounting medical bills while he gets free medical care and legal representation. Send Russia the bill for his medical care and give him the same Russian due process he would have had he bombed the town square in Chechnya… the Russian government sent members of a rock back to Siberia for years because they didn't like their songs… I can only imagine what they would do to him. Welcome to America one and all ~.

  2. Matt Dolloff

    In fairness to the title, a steel door is a little different and more secure than iron bars. I think these guys were smart enough to make their explosives on their own, I just wonder how they got their guns. And as far as anyone else being radicalized, it's officially a real problem here whether or not others already have been radicalized.

  3. Jon Donham

    who gives a SHUT if he is comfortable food to keep him alive is necessary but I hope that ass is getting NOTHING for pain , I would wave Percocet and weed in front of him and say " boy those bullet holes must hurt huh" well screw you get nothing!

  4. Tim Arvizu

    He's in a cell. Sorry you think that's undue protection. People like you may think we are not treating him with enough vengeance prior to his Constitutionally guaranteed day in court. If we did it your way, we may as well do away with due process for anyone accused of a heinous crime. I guess, if Christian is arrested for committing multiple murders because of being identified by witnesses, even though Christian is actually innocent, it would be just fine to hold Christian in a jail cell with others who may feel compelled to offer a little pretrial vengeance. Of course, let us hope nothing like that never happens.

  5. Larry Messing

    No I think I would tie him to a chair in a field and then build a pressure cooker bomb and let familys of those killed/injured decide what type of shrapnel to fill it with strap it to his lap let it explode see how he likes being on the receiving end!

  6. Anonymous

    What tim said also they need to waterboard hom or whatever and find out who he was working with …how they got trained to make those bombs .

  7. Anonymous

    Steel door?'s a minimum security facility, too. that's what boggles the mind-a minimum security facility;steel doors have keys and guards. I betcha' he'll be knocked off before he sings like the canary he is.

  8. Anonymous

    and to add to my previous comment my meaning is that he'll be taken out by something or someone to protect his actions -this story will blow over and will be totally gone with wind by the end of next week. and to clarify my remark about him singing "like the canary he is" I wouldn't want ever for anyone to think I support his actions I meant to use the word "coward".

  9. David Dunker

    He's being held behind a steel door. Poor guy. Meanwhile, his victims are being held under 6 feet of earth, or in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. Sorry, but I can't manage to work up any sympathy for the guy. His problem was having parents who didn't teach him to respect life. But, HIS problems will NEVER be allowed to become MY problems.

  10. David Dunker

    Sounds like the Jail Ward of the hospital. I used to work in a County Hospital. We had a Jail Ward. It was its own brick room within a room, with a steel door, and an armed guard just outside the door. Only Doctors and Nurses could go in. The patients/prisoners could get out ONLY if they managed to get through the steel door, and then past the armed guard. We never lost a prisoner/patient out of there.

  11. Anonymous

    Oh nooo not the standard normal prison door every other prisoner is behind…steel door HE'S BEHIND THE STEEL DOOR– at least its not green.

  12. Delilah H Scott

    Just a question: Doesn't he have certain rights of as an American citizen? I am not condoning what he did but even Timothy McVay had those rights, right? Eventually he was found guilty and executed.

  13. Thomas L Cassidy

    A steel door? My goodness, how unusual to find a steel door in a prison!

  14. Steve Reynolds

    Easy to do. Cut his legs off, (like that of his victims). Let him bleed out just enough to become light headed.
    Next, hang him in a public town square. Any other Muslim country would do this, (HE IS MUSLIM).

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