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Billy Currington Dumped By NASCAR

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Billy Currington was dumped by NASCAR after he was arrested for threatening an old man earlier this week.

Currington was scheduled to perform at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 18 before the Sprint All-Star Race. NASCAR announced today that they will be replacing the Grammy nominee due to his recent arrest.

According to Sporting News, Josh Turner will replace Currington at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Track president Marcus Smith said:

“Due to Currington’s recent indictment, we elected to change our act for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. Josh Turner is a native of the Carolinas with six No. 1 hits to his credit, and we know he’ll put on a fantastic show for our fans and sponsors on race weekend.”

Currington was arrested last week for making “terroristic threats” toward an elderly man. The country singer was reportedly upset with the 70-year-old boat captain for driving too close to his dock. Currington followed the man back to the public dock and reportedly threatened to kill him.

Are you surprised that Currington got dumped by NASCAR? Currington may be facing some career troubles after his recent arrest but there is a bright side to the situation: Currington found out that he takes a very handsome mugshot.

billy currington

Currington isn’t the only musician to lose a nice gig over a personal situation. Hank Williams Jr. lost his spot on Monday Night Football last year after he made some controversial comments about President Obama.

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2 Responses to “Billy Currington Dumped By NASCAR”

  1. Donald West

    They going to miss Billy he, s not gone miss them. Again their go the America judgeing someone b? 4 they know the whole dill.. I still love your Music B/C. Keep playing that good old Country Music. Be glad when you come to Houston.

  2. Anonymous

    He's going to be singing the back door blues after he gets a stint in county. He's cute, sweet butterlips. He'll make some dank daddy a fine wife. It doesn't take much of a man to threaten the elderly, threaten to kill them. I bet by the time he's out he's going to be top model for Prison Queens USA. Neat part about that is that he really is a fine singer and a looker too. Can't wait for Billy Queen's greatest Xmas ever! Tune #1 should be Kissing under the Twig'n'berries.