Woman Swallows $5,000 Diamond At Charity Event

An elderly woman swallowed a $5000 diamond this weekend at a charity event in Tampa, Florida.

According to Wgal, a local jeweler donated a $5000 diamond to the Tampa Women’s Club for a charity event. The diamond was placed into a champagne glass and the glasses were handed out to the 400 women who were present.

The organizers waited to hear someone scream with joy as they discovered the diamond in the glass but no one said anything as they drank their champagne.

Andrew Meyer, a partner at Continental Wholesale Diamond, told ABC Action News: “We were going table to table. There were 400 flutes so were going quickly table to table and in the end there was no diamond.”

Well, there was a diamond. But a woman ended up swallowing it while she sipped her champagne.

As luck would have it, Marian had a colonoscopy scheduled for that week. When she entered the doctors office she said that they might find something strange in her rectum. And, as it turns out, they did.

Doctors removed the diamond but just to make sure that it was real, and not some other diamond that she had swallowed, Mariam went to the jewelers to have it verified.

Joy Pierson, one of Continental Wholesale Diamond’s partners, said: “She came with it in a bio-hazard bag and it wasn’t even cleaned.”

Are you surprised that the old woman swallowed a $5000 diamond? Do you think placing a real diamond in a champagne flute was a bad idea?