Boston Massacre TShirt on Ebay

Nike’s Boston Massacre T-Shirt Selling For $150,000 On Ebay

Nike’s Boston Massacre t-shirts were pulled from the market after the Boston bombings, and now a used discontinued t-shirt from the line is listed on Ebay for $150,000. The shirt features the words “Boston Massacre,” which are covered in fake blood stains.

The Boston Massacre t-shirt was in reference to the Boston Red Sox and its rivalry with the New York Yankees.

Nike decided to pull the t-shirt without any urging from customers.

Despite Nike pulling the product, it has actually become an in-demand piece of apparel, which explains the ridiculous $150,000 price tag on Ebay. The price might be out of this world, but that hasn’t stopped 131 bidders from going after the product.

While some buyers will attempt to justify the purchase by claiming that the Nike apparel delivers a poignant message, there are better ways to support the cause. Buyers looking for a nice option can buy an Adidas Strong T-Shirt. Adidas is giving 100% of proceeds to The One Fund. You can buy the Adidas Strong t-shirt here.

The Ebay listing has angered many writers who have used their publications to question why anyone with good sense or taste would spend so much money on a used t-shirt.

News of this Ebay sale arrives just three days after we reported that Nike pulled the t-shirts following the Boston bombing.

Do you think Nike’s Boston Massacre t-shirt sale is ridiculous or an important part of the social discussion?