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Fired Anchorman, Letterman Campaign To Get Job Back [Video]

A fired anchorman’s Letterman appearance last night may help open doors that were shut after his first words on live TV were “f***g s**t.” Apparently nervous in the new job, A. J. Clemente’s salty blooper got him fired after only one day at North Dakota’s KFYR.

Well, we all make mistakes, and David Letterman has reached out to help the hapless wanna-be anchorman. A few nights ago, Letterman dedicated his Top 10 list on The Late Show with David Letterman to Clemente.

Viewers got to find out the Top 10 Signs your First Day as a News Anchorman Did Not Go Well. Heh.

Then, on Wednesday night, the fired anchorman himself put in an appearance on the Letterman show to frankly discuss his issues. Dave is obviously a firm believer in redemption. The laughing host even suggested that KFYR should give Clemente his job back and let him have another chance.

After all, he’s responsible for making that small TV station “the most popular local news show in the country.”

Clemente, as you might expect from the blunt-speaking anchorman, was refreshingly honest. After he screwed up on live TV, he said, “I went home, crawled in bed and called my parents. But the next day, you gotta pick yourself up, you gotta laugh at yourself and keep going.”

Would he be willing to return to KYYR? Maybe, but Clemente confessed that he’d prefer an offer from ESPN.

Letterman had to break it to the ambitious anchorman that ESPN probably wasn’t going to happen. He’s still working on trying to get him back on Bismarck, North Dakota TV.

CBS has posted the Dave Letterman Top 10 dedicated to Clemente:

A.J. Clemente’s famous first minute on the job is Not Safe For Work:

I don’t know if Clemente has a future as a rural North Dakota news anchor, but he might be comedy gold in the big city. What do you think about David Letterman helping the fired anchorman?

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