Julie Bowen Sofia Vergara Crush

Julie Bowen Has A Crush On Sofia Vergara

Julie Bowen revealed that she has a crush on fellow Modern Family cast member Sofia Vergara.

“I sort of worship Sofia. A girl crush I feel like you would have on someone you don’t know like Katy Perry,” the actress told E! Online about her co-star.

She added, “I respect her so much, she is so comfortable being a woman. I’m more like pulling at my dress and feeling like my boobs shouldn’t be doing whatever they’re doing.”

Julie Bowen said that Sofia Vergara is one of the few women she knows who is entirely at ease with being who she is. She added that the actress also seems comfortable with “the power that comes with that and the money she’s made with it.”

Bowen said of herself:

“I’ve always felt like I’ve straddled this line between being a tomboy and I guess if you dress me up just right and put on the right bra I can sort of look girly, but I always feel like I’m playing dress up.”

Sofia Vergara is reportedly using her power to launch a line of shapewear with the folks at Kmart. Her collection will be expanded to include “toning bodysuits, camis, tanks, bustiers, waist-shaping briefs and boyshorts, thigh slimmers, and half and full-slips.”

The actress explained to Women’s Wear Daily:

“Usually, when I go to an event I wear shapewear. It’s not to hold anything in, but to smooth everything out. But I do have to wear a bra with everything. I’m not really a designer but my lines are based on what I like and what I wear. We have a lot of meetings and all of the product gets tried on by me.”

Given that Sofia Vergara is talented, beautiful, and successful, it’s not altogether surprising that Julie Bowen has a crush on her Modern Family co-star.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]