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Matt Lauer Wanted Crisis Experts To Handle Bad Press Over Ann Curry Firing

Matt Lauer Wanted Crisis Experts To Handle Bad Press Over Ann Curry Firing

Matt Lauer reportedly wanted crisis experts brought into NBC to help deal with the bad press streaming in after the firing of Ann Curry.

Sources said the network refused Lauer’s request for a public relations team specialized in spinning bad situations, leaving the Today host to “take matters into his own hands.”

“Matt’s wanted to bring in an outside p.r. agency,” a source close to the morning show told the New York Post. “He lost faith and has wanted a crisis team in place. Since they haven’t hired an outside agency, he’s taking matters into his own hands.”

But another source said some people at NBC were in agreement with Matt Lauer about the need for crisis experts.

“They were looking for [outside firms] in the fall,” the source said. “But it was a case of the higher-ups at Comcast not wanting to bring someone in.”

A public relations expert contacted by the Post said NBC badly mishandled split between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, who was forced off the show.

“Matt should be seen as a much more sympathetic figure,” the expert said. “They’ve made some real mistakes, obvious ones, and they have no plan. As soon as you become the highest-paid anchor, you have a target on your tush.”

In the absence of crisis experts, Matt Lauer has been trying to garner public favor — or at least jump on the bandwagon of hate against him. At the JA Federation of New York’s Broadcast Cable & Film Division event earlier this month to honor Bloomberg Media Group CEO Andrew Lack, Lauer took a chance to joke about the bad situation at the Today show.

“If you’ve been following the papers lately, you know it’s been a bit rough for me,” he said, adding, “These days, I only get asked to host dinners if polio is busy. Yup, I have a lower Q rating than polio right now.”

At least Matt Lauer doesn’t need crisis experts to make light of his situation.

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19 Responses to “Matt Lauer Wanted Crisis Experts To Handle Bad Press Over Ann Curry Firing”

  1. Carl Campbell

    Matt needs to be seen as a sympathetic figure, no Matt needs to be seen being thrown off the show. I have not watched the show in years because of him.

  2. Kristin Strammer Mallia

    Why hire people to do what you should simply do. Say sorry and you were wrong. Accept it and move on Matt and take the outcome like a man in the event you are let go. Possible you too will feel as Ms Curry did when she said good bye and you will then understand.

  3. Patricia Colorito

    The crisis experts need to get Matt fired. He is full of himself. Do not watch anything he is involved in.

  4. Anonymous

    You need to go home and stay there, no one cares about him any more.

  5. Geraldine Woods

    I think every morning when time for news and we put on CBS we all can still see Ann's last day on NBC and feel what she was going through I'm one of Ann's fans she was a classy lady and didn't deserve the way Matt or NBC treated her.

  6. Maria Hartman

    I haven't watched the show since they drove Ann off the show. If she had to go, it could have been done in a more pleasant manner, like when Meridith left. I realize the networks thought their ratings would improve without Ann, but it looks like they shot themselves in the foot. Matt says he wasn't responsible, but rumors for months before it happened indicated he wanted her gone. Well you got your wish, and your show is no longer number 1 and won't be again until this wrong is corrected.

  7. Susan Bach

    @Carl – Neither have I. I stopped watching when Katie was on and the two of them made fun of someone who was standing as a weatherman. Those two acted like a couple of bully teenagers. I haven't watched the show since. I can't stand either one of them and could care what happens to his career.

  8. Sheryl Bogart

    Matt Lauers wife didn't initially leaves his arrogant ^&(( for no reason.. I know or I think she took him back. Doesn't mean e changed any of his stripes..

  9. Edward Ucate

    It's time for the Today show to ditch Lauer. He's arrogant, boring and offers nothing to the show. I still cannot forget how he brought in Bernie Madoff's family for an interview in which he tried to portray them as victims. Are you kidding me, Matt? What's interesting is that during the interview, Lauer admitted he lived in the same building as the Madoff family. Just great. Instead of providing us with more important news from around the world, Lauer's more concerned with improving the public image of his criminal neighbors. Time to go, Matt!

  10. Susan Herring

    Fire Matt — cold hearted scum. Never watched that program again after they kicked Ann Curry to the curb. Matt needs to whine to his honey – Savannah!!

  11. M Jean Devejian

    Although I have nothing against Ann, I thought she was better at delivering the news than interviewing celebrities or engaging in the usual Today banter. I have to go with Team Lauer here.

  12. June Maxwell McClain

    Oh, how the mighty fall…. Katie has ended up doing an inane talk show and Matt went to West, TX while Lester Holt and Savannah Guthrie handled the big story in Boston! And, I must say, Lester and especially Savannah did a wonderful job. She sure got her feet wet in a hurry and was a real pro!

  13. Larry Copeland

    I miss Ann Curry. She is SO real and maybe being real isn't a big draw for some people but it was why I watched the show. I'm a very compassionate person and so is Ann.

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